Friday, October 14, 2011

Too cool for comfort


I’m trying to get back on track with the Harlequin blanket, but am failing.  You can see I have just about every color under the sun there to work with, minus the greens which have already gone in, and having carefully studied Lucy’s master class in choosing colors for blankets (whoa, she’s good!) I dragged this out of the corner where it’s been sulking for a few months and tried to reconsider it. 


These yarns are all orphans and sale bin impulse purchases and I apparently have them in every color of the rainbow, which is good because I’m not content with anything that sits on one side only of the spectrum, but that’s where the blanket is sitting right now.  It’s sitting on the cool side.  It’s firmly entrenched on the cool side, all happy and comfy there, perhaps finding the cool side of the spectrum just a little bit too cozy, because when it came time to add some warm colors, you know, just to make it balance out, it kind of rebelled.  The blanket kind of rejected the warm colors.  I know I could just leave it on the cool side, let it be a cool side blanket, but that just seems…well, it’s too hard for me to do that.  It wouldn’t be motley enough.  I like a blanket to have a good dose of scrappiness, and right now it’s just way too orderly.

And in spite of the fact that my yarn cupboard is groaning with yarn, bursting with it, to the point that I have to wedge the door shut with my hip to make it close, I still hiked off to the yarn shop today to see whether there might not be some sort of bridge color, you know, something to ease the blanket into the warm side of things, nothing too sudden, I don’t want to shock it.  Just something cooly/warmish.  But what?  Nothing jumped out at me.  I am stuck.


I’m moving away from the purple and hoping to start in on a pink and brown cycle, am leaning toward either the dark red or the pale pink, and  am quite sure I’m over-thinking this thing by about a country mile.


  1. Blimey, missus- it's a tricky one.
    I think the pinks might work here..?
    Love the pattern, too.
    P.S. Giveaway over at mine if you fancy it!

  2. This blanket is gorgeous, I hope you get your motivation back with it so I get to see it finished! :-)
    I think that a dark red/maroon type colour would work really well to make the colour change nice and gradual...

  3. I'll second the cranberry/maroony type color as a bridge into the warmer purples and hot pinks...then you can slip into the paler pinks/browns from that maybe

    then from the browns to the teals/blues


    have fun figuring out your color looks fab so far!

  4. Good luck! It is hard to work on something when we aren't in love with it!!!

  5. I hope you've had some luck sorting out your colours! I'm hugely jealous of the fabulous yarn selection you've got there. I always throw in pink and orange close together when I'm at a loss. Nice and warm tones but they tend to sit nicely with most other colours. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you decide on.

  6. Maybe you could play with your yarn stash and make a color wheel. Green usually slides into yellow, then oranges, whereas purple turns into maroon or reds. Or you could try colored pencils on paper to come up with your next move? Good luck :) Your yarn stash must be amazing!!

  7. Your blanket is gorgeous. It must take some concentration to complete those rows so perfectly. I am always amazed at the color combinations some folks can come up with, the mix of yarns and the vibrancy of their creations. I just don't seem to have that same creativity. A friend told me I just need to let go and not think too much about the color combinations. Just have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Hi Kirsten, I love how this is looking so far. The way you are combining colours through the rows is very similar to Lucy's latest project and the stitch you are using is very pretty.
    Hope you get a flash of inspiration . I would try deep red too :0)
    Jacquie x

  9. Hi I have just stumbled onto your blog via Bunny Mummy & see from your comments that you have several blog friends familiar to me. I love your blanket & all the other blankets & quilts you have made over the past year & a half. I like the pinks & reds as a way forward. Look forward to following you - enjoy your weekend, x

  10. I am of the opinion that a multi coloured blanket really can't go wrong. Any colours, anywhere - it balances out. If I was choosing though from the pictures I see, I would go for the little ball of pink just in front or the lighter orange in front of that. Then I would go for the light shade at the bottom right of the blanket. Of course it is hard to see from here! I wouldn't worry about it and I would leave whatever you choose; even if you think it is not right. By the time you have got some more rows down, it will be. I love your view on blankets. I love lots of colours and lack of regimentation too. I certainly wouldn't use a stripe generator as some do - where is the fun in that? Anyway, it will look great, just make a start, keep it going and you will see!

    p.s. yes, I third the cranberry being a good bridge. And/or the ones I have said but I'm sure many combos would work. Just read someone likes pink and orange together. I certainly do too.

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