Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woodland Cowl


I am smitten by the designs of the fantastically dramatic Kalurah, who dreamed up the Through the Woods cowl and also wrote down the rules for this extremely simple but still somehow amazing piece of knitwear, called The Woodland Cowl.   There’s nothing to it but garter stitch and a few buttonholes, but I never would’ve thought to make it so BIG.  And BIG is what makes this delicious cowl what it is.  


I used the yarn called for in the original pattern, one skein of Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick in “glacier”, and four vintage coat buttons from my button jar.  This is a new yarn to me, so I don’t know how it will wear, but it seemed pretty yummy for the hour or so it took me to knit this.  Okay, speaking of that, seriously, if you have ever thought you might like to knit something but didn’t think you could?  Or you think you don’t have the patience for a whole scarf?  I am begging you, try this one out.  This yarn is light and soft (my first attempt was with wool yarn, held double, which produced an object which was so durable and thick it felt like a piece of medieval armor) and it will take you hardly any time at all to end up with this fantastic cowl!  Right?  Come on, try it.