Thursday, October 6, 2011

The X’s have it

I am fully captivated by cross-stitch right now.  As usual, not being satisfied with just one project of a kind at a time, I went on a link-following bender, starting here which made me swoon (Radish’s Mum!  You’re so right!) and then across the blogs to feeling stitchy, into the shiny happiness of this, finally landing in the brazen and beautiful cross-stitch underworld, like here.  And this blew my mind. Whoa, you guys!  I had no idea.  The internet is a marvelous place.  These are not the teddy bears, nor the endless variations of Home Sweet Home, nor the wise and/or witty sayings I remember about cross stitch. This is edgy, daring, modern, brave, fantastic.  I felt so much cross stitch love that I crafted a special Cross Stitch Project Zip Bag, even using up a chunk of my precious Denyse Schmidt fabric for the lining. 
I’ll never stop being amazed at all the different ways a person can make something wonderful with just needles and string.

edited:  I got too chicken and took down one of the links.  I laughed, but it wasn't cozy.


  1. I have a subscription to cross stitcher and have lined up the cushion on Mollie Makes as one of my next projects.......there's a whole lotta stitching in that cushion........welcome to the world of cross stitch mania. x

  2. Actually, I have to confess I don't much like the new stuff. I don't like the teddies or the home sweet home stuff either. I really do love samplers though (just not overly twee, though I like a bit of whimsy) and the french style mono coloured stuff. I always have bigger ideas than can actually be bothered to do. By the time I mess about deciding things, the urge to do has left me.

  3. Hi Kristen-I've been following your blog for sometime now, don't know if I've ever commented tho-I love your creativity! I've been a cross-stitcher since the 80's and boy I have a lot of different styles to show for it. I just recently found some great free patterns on pinterest-have you checked pinterest out yet? (I'd love to send you an invite if your interested) It's awesome. Anyway here are a couple of sights I found with free downloads
    the last one is french but there is a translator-
    I love everything about cross-stitch, from gathering my floss and planning a project to the endless hours of stitching to putting together the finished piece-so fun! Hope you enjoy.

  4. Glad you liked :-) Fab little bag!

  5. My, oh my.
    I am so surprised! I have seen those cross stitch magazines in the supermarket and thought, yuck, yuck, yuck, BUT those links (boy did I laugh) are amazing.
    I can't say which is my favourite, as it is rude!!!
    Not something my mother would approve of, anyway. (Actually, maybe I should get one?!)

  6. Okay if you're brave enough I have another itsy link for you. Google, Heaven and Earth Designs. Not for the faint hearted. Some like, some loathe. I have 3 of these on the go as well as all the rest of my mixed box of wips. xx