Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiss Me Pillow


It always surprises me how some people love a whole bunch of pillows and some people just hate them.  I live with some of those who hate them, and so I often find my pillows—which I painstakingly stitched by hand—flung disdainfully aside.  Well, okay, their backs are still young so they haven’t fully developed a need to prop themselves up with a bunch of lumbar support and all that, bless them.  Their day will come.  And when it does, I will be ready!  Me, I love a huge bunch of throw pillows.  I like to build a big pillow nest around myself and then recline there like Nefertiti, requesting peeled grapes.  I also haven’t forgotten the sage advice (source unknown) which instructed me to have at least four pillows of different colors and textures—the pressure!—on my sofa.  I’m always looking at my sofa, thinking about texture and whether there’s enough of it.  I lie awake nights, thinking about the texture levels of my pillows.  In my favor here is the fact that our sofa is roughly the size of an aircraft carrier and can therefore accommodate four pillows very easily, along with four people and a dog, too.  So I’m always making pillow covers and then begging the family not to fling them around into the dusty corners. 


Here’s an actual transcript from a recent conversation:

Me:  Look what I made!

Him:  Nice.

Me:  Isn’t it cute?  It says “Kiss Me”! 

Him:  Mmmhmm.  Why do we have so many pillows? 

Me:  Because ever since the cat threw up on the one that said, “What’s Up, Pussycat?” there hasn’t been enough pillow texture on the sofa!

Him:  There’s no room to sit down!  Enough with the pillows, huh?100_8923a

I exaggerate.  Really, he just said, “That’s cute,” and went back to working on his dissertation.  Well, I think it’s cute, too.  I freehanded the letters out of a mix of scraps, then appliqued them to a piece of oatmeal cotton using fusible web--Wonder Under, I think?  I embroidered around the letters using a mix of stitches and colors, and added a 1” gathered ruffle around the edge.  That’s color and texture, all in one place!  Whew. 


  1. Your conversations sound like the ones at my house. I finally told my husband this is what I need you to say: "That is great! I cannot believe you made that! You are so talented!" (or something along those lines). He repeats what I've said, and then, inexplicably, I feel better. If I could, I would come over to your house and exclaim over your creations. I love them!

  2. Love the Kiss Me pillow....and love the scarf in previous post!

  3. I always feel really sad when talented people (and it always seems to be those with mega talent) are not properly appreciated for it. I wish the detractors could see things through 'proper' eyes and see the beauty and the cleverness of what has been made. Sometimes really first rate artistic craft gets seen and treated as if it is just some old tat that managed to make itself. I just don't understand it! I mean people appreciate a carpenters skill don't they? Why can't they realise that knitting involves just as much maths and precision as that? I'm telling you, if you didn't care about making lovely things and you had a bare bones sort of house, they would soon notice then!

    As for cushions (I'm from the UK) I just love them. Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous; I love the design and colours of the fabrics and your stitches. I always love to see your makes. The more cushions the better and yes I think a lovely mixture of texture and colour is best. The patchwork one is beautiful too and they look great together!

  4. I think it is adorable. Men just don't get it do they? But they love a comfy home they just don't understand how it gets that way.

  5. THIS PILLOW IS SO CUTE! Seriously, it is the cutest thing ever! If I saw this in a store I would totally buy it lol

  6. I love it! I have an anti-pillow husband as well. What's wrong with these men?

  7. I feel your pillow pain. To find your work of art tossed to the floor amidst the dog hair and tennis shoes is enough to bring tears to your eyes (now I exaggerate). WE like and appreciate your new pillow of cuteness. Thank goodness for blogging!

  8. What do men know? That cushion is beautiful - you're so clever!
    Sandra x

  9. Flippin' gorgeous hon! This post has made me giggle so much that my small folk have run to the computer to see what's going on! I have been away from my beloved laptop this week so am in total catch up mode, visiting all my fave blogs. Hope you are having a fab week!

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