Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiss Me Pillow


It always surprises me how some people love a whole bunch of pillows and some people just hate them.  I live with some of those who hate them, and so I often find my pillows—which I painstakingly stitched by hand—flung disdainfully aside.  Well, okay, their backs are still young so they haven’t fully developed a need to prop themselves up with a bunch of lumbar support and all that, bless them.  Their day will come.  And when it does, I will be ready!  Me, I love a huge bunch of throw pillows.  I like to build a big pillow nest around myself and then recline there like Nefertiti, requesting peeled grapes.  I also haven’t forgotten the sage advice (source unknown) which instructed me to have at least four pillows of different colors and textures—the pressure!—on my sofa.  I’m always looking at my sofa, thinking about texture and whether there’s enough of it.  I lie awake nights, thinking about the texture levels of my pillows.  In my favor here is the fact that our sofa is roughly the size of an aircraft carrier and can therefore accommodate four pillows very easily, along with four people and a dog, too.  So I’m always making pillow covers and then begging the family not to fling them around into the dusty corners. 


Here’s an actual transcript from a recent conversation:

Me:  Look what I made!

Him:  Nice.

Me:  Isn’t it cute?  It says “Kiss Me”! 

Him:  Mmmhmm.  Why do we have so many pillows? 

Me:  Because ever since the cat threw up on the one that said, “What’s Up, Pussycat?” there hasn’t been enough pillow texture on the sofa!

Him:  There’s no room to sit down!  Enough with the pillows, huh?100_8923a

I exaggerate.  Really, he just said, “That’s cute,” and went back to working on his dissertation.  Well, I think it’s cute, too.  I freehanded the letters out of a mix of scraps, then appliqued them to a piece of oatmeal cotton using fusible web--Wonder Under, I think?  I embroidered around the letters using a mix of stitches and colors, and added a 1” gathered ruffle around the edge.  That’s color and texture, all in one place!  Whew.