Thursday, November 3, 2011

Knitted Rose Brooch


There’s the way I want to dress, and then there’s the way I do dress.  The first is a mix of California gypsy bohemian with poet’s shirts and long patchwork dresses, and Edwardian tea party with fitted, high-necked blouses and pencil skirts.  The second, the way I really walk around, is jeans + t-shirt + cardigan.  So, I have a bunch of clothes in my closet that lean toward the first, but they mostly just hang there, looking pretty and waiting.  I guess I will eventually face the fact that I am a jeans and t-shirt sort of girl, and gauzy, white, off-the shoulder peasant blouses are mostly not going to suit me, but, for now, I am holding out the hope.

Anyway, along the lines of the first, I have made another knitted flower corsage, because I am, deep down, a little bit theatrical, and I want every day to be my birthday, and also, when I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes a little dab of pink is just the thing.


The pattern is from Debbie Bliss’s book The Knitter’s Year.  I love that book, the styling is so beautiful—if you’re on the fence about knitting, are thinking about maybe taking up a new craft, Debbie will seal the deal.