Friday, November 11, 2011

Leather Wrap Bracelet


Because I am a total slave to fashion (I hope you can detect the irony here) and because I wanted one of these leather wrap bracelets with a fierce and burning passion, I went ahead and made one.   Do you want one, too?  I think you do; you’re all very fashionable people, I can tell. 


It was very easy, and required no special tools at all—the only thing you may find inconvenient is coming up with the long piece of leather.  I think you could do this with a thrifted bag or belt, if you could find one.  I already had a long enough scrap of leather lying around here, so this project was the work of an hour at most.  (I wonder if leather scraps could be got from a shop that makes shoes by hand, and I know of one in my vicinity, so there might be one in yours, too?)  I’ve had my little bag of scraps for a long time, bought for two bucks in a crafty thrift store sale mainly, at the time, for the purpose of making mini Santa Claus boots. 

Sorry, I ramble. 

Here’s what I did, and you can do this too, and there aren’t any pictures because this whole thing was finished before I even thought about it:  You’ll need two jump rings and a jewelry clasp of some kind, a likely piece of leather, and some serious glue—I used E6000.  Using your rotary cutter and acrylic ruler, cut two strips of leather the width you want (mine is 3/8” wide) and of a length sufficient to wrap three times around your wrist, with the amount of ease you want, minus about an inch.  Mine is about 14” long.  Cut 1” off the end of one strip.  You now have two long, skinny strips, one shorter than the other.  Spread a thin layer of glue on the suede side of the longer strip and stick the suede side of the shorter piece to it, leaving 1/2” at each end uncovered.  Quickly now, before the glue dries—no pressure—wrap each end through one of the jump rings and stick it down to itself, bringing the end of the long piece up against the end of the short piece you already glued down.  Dang, this needs a picture:


See how the two ends sit next to each other?  You can probably sew that end down if you feel a need to do it—I’ve worn this several times already, and the glue is holding it down pretty well.  I’ll sew it if it starts to come apart, but so far, it hasn’t. 

Now add your clasp and wait for it to dry.  That’s the hardest part for me.  Then go ahead and wear with pride.  You made a leather wrap bracelet!  Woot!  Take that, world.