Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sleep Mask


What a diva I am.  I can’t sleep unless it’s pitch-black in the room, and I’d also like it to be completely silent, as well, which is, of course, impossible.  And since there is a storage barn across the road with about twenty huge halogen lights which (seasonally, thank goodness) blare out their tremendous wattage directly at my face while I’m trying to sleep, I have had to cover the windows with some completely terrible blackout curtains—oh, they’re so ugly—and even then, I felt the need for even more darkness.  What’s a diva to do?  I can’t just lie there squinting all night, can I?  Well, make myself a sleep mask of course, dahling!  Preferably from a soft, awesome flannel by Anna Maria Horner, if possible, oh yes. 

All I did was draw and cut out sort of a bean-shaped shape from two pieces of flannel and three pieces of cotton batting, quilt them together, and attach a satin ribbon at the sides.  Very glamorous. 

Wearing this does make me feel a little bit like Eva Gabor, but, bless me, it’s dark at night.  Ahh.