Monday, November 21, 2011

Stripey Cotton Dishcloths


Some days, especially now that I’m knitting a giant taupe blanket that seems to reach out forever--not that I’m complaining, because I adore me an endless and simple project--some days, I just take a big breath and yell, “Give me some color!  Now!!!” 


For times like these, I keep a medicinal stash of cotton yarn nearby, so I can crochet a dishcloth at a moment’s notice.  You know, stat.  As soon as the hot pink and chartreuse combo hits my bloodstream, I just feel goooood.  You all know what I mean.


Yeah, that’s the good stuff.  I’m laughing a little at the extreme photo angles here, which we all know is the result of a feeble attempt to disguise the fact that the dishcloths are staged on a footstool in the living room.  Which is where the light was!  It was just dingy in the kitchen, what can I say.  How about this one:


Haha!  No, don’t look at the rug, I haven’t vacuumed yet!  *crop*


I don’t even know how this one happened.  I must have been clinging to the wall by the suction cups in my feet like Spider-man.  Well, they’re colorful and useful, and in these pre-Thanksgiving days of prep and frenzied cleaning, that’s all that matters right now.  Whoops, you can see the rug in this one.  Sorry about that.


  1. Your dishcloths are lovely, funnily enough I've been knitting seaside stripey dishcloths over the last few days, trying to counteract the gloomy november weather.

  2. I totally agree. Dishcloths are a great little boost of instant gratification, which I need, because my projects tend to get too huge. Love your colors, too!

  3. I adore hand made cotton dish cloths! I made dozens of them and gave them as gifts last year!! I always have a few on the stix, and now I have the on the hook too! Love it!

  4. Kristen,
    I totally understand, when I was making the Big Chocolate Blanket for my son I wanted to shoot myself because of the monotony of the color. I loved it, but skein after skein. Color was in definite need. Love your dishcloths.

  5. Oh, you're so funny! I love reading about your antics.
    I am feeling the need to add 'colourful dishcloths' to my list of 'thingstomakeverysoonbeforeit'schristmasandtimerunsout'
    I love staging photos for a shoot. It always makes me laugh when I think about the chaos/mess/Lego just out of shot!
    Have a great week.

  6. Yep, those dishcloths are addicting to make, and pretty and useful. It doesn't get much better than that. Nice shot of the rug Spidey :)

  7. Could you post the pattern (I started to say "recipe") for these dish cloths on Pinterest? I'm thinking stocking gifts...


    1. Hi Susan,

      The patterns for these are all in Jan Eaton's fabulous book "200 crochet blocks". I just chose some of the "solid" ones and played with colorful yarns. Easy peasy! :)