Monday, November 21, 2011

Stripey Cotton Dishcloths


Some days, especially now that I’m knitting a giant taupe blanket that seems to reach out forever--not that I’m complaining, because I adore me an endless and simple project--some days, I just take a big breath and yell, “Give me some color!  Now!!!” 


For times like these, I keep a medicinal stash of cotton yarn nearby, so I can crochet a dishcloth at a moment’s notice.  You know, stat.  As soon as the hot pink and chartreuse combo hits my bloodstream, I just feel goooood.  You all know what I mean.


Yeah, that’s the good stuff.  I’m laughing a little at the extreme photo angles here, which we all know is the result of a feeble attempt to disguise the fact that the dishcloths are staged on a footstool in the living room.  Which is where the light was!  It was just dingy in the kitchen, what can I say.  How about this one:


Haha!  No, don’t look at the rug, I haven’t vacuumed yet!  *crop*


I don’t even know how this one happened.  I must have been clinging to the wall by the suction cups in my feet like Spider-man.  Well, they’re colorful and useful, and in these pre-Thanksgiving days of prep and frenzied cleaning, that’s all that matters right now.  Whoops, you can see the rug in this one.  Sorry about that.