Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grannies, blocking


Yesterday, while the family was huddled around Season One of Ice Road Truckers, I decided to block the first half of the grannies.  I thought I had done two hundred so far, but a rummage in the bag revealed I have actually done 210—that was a nice surprise.  In the end, they’ll have another round all done in the same color as I join them, and I don’t know what color yet.  Originally the plan was to use white, but now I’m leaning toward very light pink; what do you all think?  Too girly?  Or just girly enough?  It might end up coming down to how many skeins of the same pink I can put my hands on when I’m ready to start.  That’s just my way, I like to spend six months painstakingly stitching something and then make a hasty decision at some uncritical moment that I will likely later regret.  


They almost totally covered up the table.  This is half of them.  Yikes.  So many scraps.  So, so, so many.  And still, my love for the grannies is undiminished. 


  1. Could you do a post about blocking? I'd love to know your technique. I've never blocked anything! Wait, that's a lie - but it was a smaller circle than my palm, so it wasn't so bad. ;)

  2. Oh I just love your grannies. I am partial to white as a border but recently saw a light pink border and fell in love with it. I cant wait to see what you decide. What method do you use for blocking?
    Sincerely. Trish

  3. What a dilemma!
    Pink = fab
    White = fab
    What to do?
    I've seen a beautiful caravan blanket from the wonderful Crochet With Raymond, which uses a caramel border. I think it looks beautiful. (Sorry that I can't do the clever linky thing).
    Happy New Year!!

  4. I vote pink! But that's because it's my favorite color and if it's ever a choice, I choose pink! :)

  5. they look wonderful!

    pink would be lovely

    white would be lovely

    I saw a scrap granny joined with a very light pearl grey that tugged at my heartstrings

    whatever you decide is going to be great!

  6. Pink sounds good to me too. That's a lot of grannies. It's going to be really great when you're all done, a giant happy scrappy granny. Your new header looks marvy. I'm inspired to take a few more pics and change mine, but I'm afraid of the blogger bug-a-boo that happens when I'm trying to be technical(sigh).

  7. I vote for the pink. Just a little hint of color is nice!

  8. I love your cozy header. No matter what color you use to border your colorful grannies, it will be spectacular. Blessings for the new year, Tammy

  9. LOVING your squares, and LOVING your blog, how come I haven't been here before???? Delicious crochet and lovely writing, I'm having fun pootling through your archives :o)
    lots of love

  10. Oh, meant to say, I'm imagining a lovely, soft pale light grey for your joining colour, it'd make the colours sing and dance and there is a beautiful grey-tone already in many of your squares. I personally think pink might be a wee bit too candy sweet? But blankets/colour choice are intensly personal, have fin with the decision!

  11. Love your grannies. I love white as a border. It makes all the colors POP! Please share Blocking techniques. Happy Crocheting!

  12. Oh Kristen, such granny eye candy!!!! Beautiful, beautiful but pink or white or white or pink???? Such decisions.... I think I'd go for white (simply because I live in a house full of men who wouldn't tolerate the pink)...but knowing how white can show the dirt I'd probably opt for a silver grey....oh no, another choice!!!!!!!!!! lol x

  13. Beautiful!!! I love granny squares. The colors would just pop on pink or white. What about a jade green color? oh choices!

  14. Totally love this! Any color border will look great! Love the blanket in your blog header/banner. Showed my 9 year old your blog--she loved all your pretty bright color combos (both quilts and granny squares)

  15. I know you had considered navy as a border, but I love the look of all your colors melting into ont another - so I would vote for a pale gray to keep that dynamic going.

  16. How do you add another round while joining them? I have never seen a tutorial could you post something about how to do it?

    1. I've used Lucy's join-as-you-go method, which is soooo awesome! Here's a link: