Thursday, December 29, 2011

Living Room


I love christmastime so much.  The twinkling lights in the snow and bright packages and eggnog and cocoa and having as many as possible of my favorite people around my table all just make me so happy.  But apparently, I have a pretty specific tolerance for my holiday decorations.  On the third Saturday in November, we drag the boxes out and deck the halls, and on the morning of December 26th, I just have to take them all down.   That seems a little rigid, now that I’m thinking about it, but what can I say?  I come in the room and look at that beautiful tree, and all our happy little Saint Nick ornaments and stockings and crocheted baubles, and I just want it out of there.  Moving on!  Not that I’m not still enjoying all the outdoor lights; you can leave those up all year long and I won’t complain for a second.  Is there anything more lovely than a tree full of fairy lights?  And when next November rolls around, I’ll unpack it all and it will be so lovely all over again. 

So the tree was gone and the room was empty and echoing and scrubbed clean, and I made a quick decision to paint the living room.  When is there a better time, right?  My husband did it all in one day, bless him forever, and after dinner, we dragged all the furniture back in.   


Except the old sofa, which we threw out into the yard where it was almost immediately collected by someone who needed an old sofa, I guess.  Now the cat has been wandering sadly around, looking for his favorite napping spot, and I have told him it’s gone forever, but still he pines. I brought my antique couch into the house and layered it up with pillows, and hammered a whole mess of nails into the not-quite-dry paint, and it all just looked so fantastic.  I experimented with the ISO settings on my camera to see if I could capture how amazingly cozy it all looked.  I couldn’t, not really, but maybe you can imagine it a little bit?


Here it is in the daytime.  My mother is going to be appalled at all the stuff on the walls, but I love a little cozy clutter, don’t you?   It’s a new dawn, and a new day, and I’m feeling good.  Have a happy New Year, friends. 

I want to say thank you to lovely K at Aurora Blythe for the sweet award, and to encourage you all to hop on over there for a visit.  Her holiday decor is giving me deep pangs of jealousy. 


  1. I love your cozy corner!!!! All the pictures on the wall ... Pefect. =) The painted rocker adds just the right zing of color! But is that sofa REALLY comfortable????

    Happy New Year, Kristin. =)

  2. It looks beautiful! Very cosy

  3. I'm so the opposite! I don't understand why you would put the decorations up weeks before Christmas (when it isn't even Christmas!) and then be in such a hurry to get them down one day after Christmas Day, when it is actually still Christmas! There are 12 days of Christmas, so I like to have decorations around for all of that and I find it so annoying to see them weeks if not months before hand. I love the slow wind down of Christmas and am in no hurry to move on through it at all. If I could keep it forever I would. Everything stays up until the 6th of January as is traditional and I am so happy that I am able to look at my tree during the festive period.

    But essentially each to our own I guess!

  4. @Erin, you're right, I forgot to mention that this antique couch (we're calling it The Bench) is as hard as cement, and just about as uncomfortable. Not great for lounging. There is a trip to IKEA in my future, oh yes. :)

  5. Yep! When I get in an idea in my head, I just go with it. About 5 years ago, I painted every room a different color, all on my own, in between school and baseball runs and everything else that needed to be done (I wasn't working at the time). I love your cozy corner. I don't do bare either. My walls are filled to the brim with collections. Some people think it is a little over the top, but they are only thinking about the cleaning involved and wouldn't want that for themselves. It is a bit dusty over here. Oh well! I couldn't imagine it any other way. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  6. Kristen, it indeed looks cozy and aren't you lucky all that Holiday stuff is put away. I am working on that this weekend, yuck. Lovely squares in your last post.

  7. For the first time ever I'm feeling the same way - usually sad to see the decorations come down and I remove them on the 12th night but this year I want em out!!

    Your living room looks gorgeous, so cosy. Have just bought an old wooden rocking chair today and was contemplating whether to paint it - totally copying yours!! Xx

  8. Took our stuff down on the 26th this year too. I felt a little bad and a little relieved. As you said "Moving On"...I can move on. Visually, my mind can rest. All of the extra stuff is out of my view. My outside lights are up and will be for a while :-).

  9. What a perfect opportunity to rearrange and redecorate. My tree went to the burn pile yesterday. It was fun while it lasted. My husband always wants to keep the tree up till New Years day, but I can't stand looking at the dry dead thing(the tree, not my husband.) Your living room looks cozy, warm and inviting. LOVE all the pictures on the wall and the throw pillows. And a fresh coat of paint too! Great way to start the New Year!

  10. I think it looks smashingly beautiful!!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  11. It looks lovely and cosy. I adore the rocking chair its gorgeous.
    I too have to take the decs down on the 26th i'm all for the new year and I like to have a clean, fresh tidy home to start the new year in.
    best wishes for 2012

  12. Your living room is just perfect. A very sweet spot indeed. :o) I am the exact same way about Christmas being packed up the next day. I am even burning a more spring scent candle today.
    I giggled about your darling cat looking for his favorite spot. :o) Mine would do the very same thing.
    Happy New Year. hugs, Trish

  13. Love the room - it looks fabulous!!! It made my day to hear about you taking your decorations down so quickly. I wanted to do exactly that this year but the small people begged to keep them up. We finally took them down today and I feel a lot less cluttered now. Happy New Year hon - can't wait to see what you get up to in 2012.