Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Blob, or The Pillow that Ate The Couch


Is it an eyeball?  A rising lump of bread dough?  Is it a deflated chef’s toque?  No, no it isn’t.  It is yet another pillow, which, as you know, is precisely the last thing we need.  Also, this pillow is a whopper.


See it dwarf the furniture with its enormous fluffiness?  When this pillow is on the chair, there is literally no room to sit down.   Possibly I overstuffed?  I do believe that’s part of the problem.  Another cause is probably gauge, but I have to admit I will not pursue that line of inquiry because I have yet to unravel the mysteries of “gauge.”  I mean, I know all about “gauge”, and sometimes I think I’m getting “gauge” but then the object I’m knitting continues to have its own ideas about how big it will be, so whatever.  Anyway, there is now a massive pillow lurking in the shadows of my living room.  Watching me with its Great Eye.


As usual, this effect was unintentional on my part.  My thinking was to use Erika Knight’s very excellent Round Pillow pattern from her book Simple Knitting, and then stuff it—not too much, we’re not making bowling balls here—and use fabric covered buttons to tuck in the centers.  I had a bunch of ecru cotton hanging around the cupboard, so I used that and a US 6 needle, and then spent two lovely days knitting it up.  It was heavenly, too.   But its just a little bit too big, I think. 


Just a little bit.