Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grey Cabled Scarf


Another scarf came off my needles yesterday.  This one has been lurking in my unfinished projects basket for quite a long time, and I’d just work on it here and there, when I didn’t have anything else pressing to do.  I guess it ends up being a good example of how a little bit every day (or every now and then) can make a difference. 

I started this scarf about three years ago (maybe?) in a different color, was unhappy with it and ripped it out, started it again in another color, was still unhappy with it and ripped it out, and then finally started it in this beautiful putty-colored Mission Falls 1824 wool, which turned out to be a good choice and so I finished it, finally. 


The pattern is something I saw at Jared Flood’s old blog (he’s moved now, and I sure do recommend you check it out—the photography is stunning.)  He wasn’t selling his patterns at the time, so I just looked at the photograph of the one he made and figured it out.  (Actually, I just now searched his website, and I can’t find a pattern for this scarf, or I’d link it for you.)  It looks a lot crazier than it really is—it’s just a combination of two-stitch cables and four-stitch cables that give the impression of being very complicated simply because they’re next to each other. 


There, that might be enough scarves for awhile.  It’s 45 degrees F here today, I don’t even need a scarf.  Not that I’m complaining, not a bit. 

I want to thank the lovely Stel for the very kind blogger award, and you should all go over to hers and see the stunning hooky things she’s been making.  Those cushion covers!  I want.  Thank you, Stel. 


  1. Gorgeous as usual.
    Hugs to you,

  2. This looks great! And definitely a good example of how working on something a little bit each day leads to a beautiful project.

  3. It's lovely, looks so snuggly and warm.

    Ashley xxx

  4. Its gorgeous...Your nothing short of amazing!

  5. As usual I bow before your amazing knitting skills. You did this without a pattern??? Wow! It's just as cozy as can be,and I love all the cables. Now you need a good snowstorm to go with it. What's with this weather? It's been in the 60's here, I'm barely wearing a sweater! Enjoy the rest of your warm(er)weekend. I'm off to check out those cushion covers. xx

  6. Many congrats on your award - you deserve it!!! A stunning scarf!!! Now you just need the weather to match it! lol x

  7. That is gorgeous. I really do need to get back to knitting! There is so much I want to learn!!!! You can't get the same texture with crochet, but I do love crochet too!!!

  8. Hi just found your blog.

    It's lovely, very cosy looking. Love the cables.