Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Flowers Quilt, the beginning


I had a pile of old sheets—I don’t know whether to say they’re “vintage” because I don’t actually know how old they are, but they look vintage, so maybe they are.  I’m so tempted by them, and they look so pretty, stacked there together.  They are (mostly) not cotton, so I don’t think they’re very comfy to sleep on.  So they just sat there, looking pretty, and kind of accumulating since every time I go to the thrift store, I look at the sheets, you know, just in case.  The flowery ones just shout Take me home!  So I do.  Originally, there were wild ideas about smothering the bed in these sheets, mismatching the pillow cases and everything, but they were just kind of rough and itchy.  But I kept buying them, and the linen shelves were groaning.  And then there was this.  After I started seeing the sheets as fabric, they suddenly got even more interesting. 

Over the weekend, I got out the scissors, and I got this far before the poor old Bernina started limping again:


The gingham sashing was a lucky find—quick story:  the inspiration quilt I saw used a dark chocolate brown solid, and I thought it was gorgeous, but I decided it might overwhelm the flowery lightness of the sheet fabrics, so I made up my mind to find a brown calico or maybe, just maybe a brown gingham, hopefully 1/4” brown and white gingham, but I can never ever find that, and if I do it’ll be brown and tan, or there will only be one yard left.  You know how it goes.  The first store I tried had nothing, not even brown and tan, but the second store had it, a huge bolt of it.  On the clearance rack.  So I bought the whole thing.  Now you can look for this gingham check to show up all over the place around here.


If all the stars align, I might have a new quilt by the weekend.  Fingers crossed!

I want to thank Sandra at Chaos, Kids, Crochet, and Cake for the lovely award—gosh, craft bloggers are so awesome.  Her blog is beautiful, and chock full of craftiness.  I’d love for you to go and visit!