Sunday, March 18, 2012



I’m almost done with this.  Just a few more rows to go…just a’s so white…whiiiiteeee…zzz.  It’s getting a little tedious, this incredible amount of Just White crocheting, the joining rounds.  Truthfully, the tedium of the endless miles of white rounds entirely lacks the pizzazz of grannying. 

It is going to be So Worth It, though, because wow…I love it so much.  I keep negotiating with myself about it.  Maybe sixteen rows is enough?  Hmm?  C’mon, this thing is huge…then I throw it across the bed to see if it’s big enough, and it really isn’t.  Maybe eighteen rows is enough?  I know I’m just going to start another granny blanket about .24 seconds after I finish this one, so I don’t know what the big hurry is. 

The truth is, I lack focus. 


I started this last night while watching a lot of episodes of Portlandia on Netflix. 


We have a territorial male cardinal who keeps attacking his reflection in the kitchen window.  Note to self:  print scary photo of Shel Silverstein to hang as deterrent.


It seems like it’s always sunny on Sunday.  Weird, no?


Dean baked homemade chocolate cupcakes yesterday.  With cream filling.  And chocolate ganache.  I cried with happiness. 






I love coffee.  It’s warm outside!  Have you seen The Quilts of Gee’s Bend?  (Whoa, more on that later). Laundry, roof repairs, car wash, dog bath, mop floors, yardwork, chicken house, school event, library books….  Haha, heehee, ho ho! 

Blanket!  Focus! 


No, not that one! 


That’s the one.  Eyes on the prize. 


  1. It's nice to see I'm not the only one with crafting ADD!

  2. LOL...loved this post. Have you really got that many projects going at one time? Love the grannies, love the rest....all so pretty. I did a waffle weave knitted washcloth that kind of reminded me of one of your projects there. I must get more proficient with knitting!!! Enjoy your day!

    1. Scout's honor. All photos were taken this morning. LOL! I have a problem...

  3. Beautiful every single project!
    Hugs to you,

  4. I know this lack of focus only too well. My honey says "can't you just focus on one thing until it's done" Um No. Women are multi-tasker's by nature and you can't accomplish the many things you want to make that way!! Love to blanket, keep it up. I posted my ADD project today on my blog

  5. hee hee kristen you crack me up. LOVE all your wips, love portlandia and that poor cardinal, shel silversteen. hee heeeee. good luck with the all white, its going to be so gorgeous! xx lori

  6. LOL Shel Silverstein. He is one creepy looking dude.

  7. I'm currently doing a large black and white granny and I know what you mean about those rounds and rounds of white. I feel good every time I switch from one color back to the other.

  8. It truly is going to be gorgeous! I find that the lack of focus spills out all over my life -- housework, sewing projects, time, etc. At one point I wondered if it was because for so many years when my kids were little I never actually finished a thought and now I've lost the ability:)

  9. Love all your projects. I don't feel so bad about mine now. That pink stripey thing your making has got my attention. The granny blanket will be amazing! Just. Keep. Going!!!
    Portandia is a great show isn't it? Maybe that cardinal sees your crochet through the window and is trying to Put a Bird on It (I hope you saw that episode, or you will think I'm nuts)

    My girls used to recite the Shel Silverstein poem "One sister for sale" when they were mad at each other. Ha ha he is one scary lookin' dude alright.

  10. I love it! I think you will have lots of readers who are nodding their heads in agreement! Focus seems to be a problem when you have ideas popping into your head constantly. Your blanket is looking beyond gorgeous - so worth all the white work hon!! And look at all that other knitty gorgeousness. Busy girl aren't ya. Have a fab week.

  11. Ooo fabulous work, as usual.
    Now I can only focus on photo 2-the pink stripes- I LOVE that pattern and it would be soooo right for a lampshade cover I'm wanting to try next. Where's it from/ how do you make it??!! Looooove it.

  12. Stunning grannies; beautiful fresh colours; keep going, nearly there...

  13. The granny blanket is going to be absolutely gorgeous when its finished. I couldn't have that many projects on the go, I would stress myself out too much wanting them all finished lol. I limit myself to one thing at a time, although I do find about half way through I start to get bored with it and it becomes a real labour to get to the end!

  14. Looks gorgeous with the white, offsets it beautifully - and well done for staying focused on it!
    Made me laugh, you have so many different projects on the go (just like me but mine are sewing ones!), but then there are just too many tempting projects out there just shouting to be started arent there?
    If only there were more hours in the day, and less lovely blogs to get sidetracked by....
    Soon be finished then on with the next!
    Gill xx

  15. And I thought I was naughty having three projects on the go last week! So which one will be finished first??

    Happy Crafting
    Fleur xx

  16. Love, love, love the socks!!!!

  17. Lovely projects with wonderful color!~Patti

  18. This is totally me! My project list is always getting longer and longer. Can't help dreaming...

  19. That's just beautiful! I agree that the white off sets it perfectly.

  20. Hilarious! Are all those works in progress? Wow! You are busy ... and crazy! :) Everything you create is fantastically fabulous! Best wishes, Tammy

  21. Hi, I'm loving all your projects! I've just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award :) Have a look here -

  22. oooh I love this post!
    And it reminds me, I could add some waffle weave knitting (is that the name?) to my project list! My knitting needles are slightly neglected these days...

  23. Adore your blanket! The cream border is just so fab isn't it! But, oh I know that jumping around, little bit of this little bit of that....

  24. Oh, look at all those delicious crafty, yarn-y creations! Your blog is always so inspiring :-) x

  25. love all your projects... I though it was interesting when you mentioned the episode of Portlandia because I live in Portland, OR. :)

  26. Love your blanket, wonderful!!