Monday, March 12, 2012

Homespun Style Crochet



As expected, I ran out of white yarn, so now I’m waiting for the mailman to rescue me.  Meanwhile, everybody’s buzzing about this book, and with good reason, because it is fantastic.  I love every page, and already it has inspired a project idea.  This bit of crochet is not a blanket.   


Nope, it’s not a blanket.


It’s not a pillow cover, either.


Is that a festival of stripey happiness, or what? 


  1. Sooo pretty! Can't wait to see what it is. I like your project bag too! I have that book and I've been carrying it around to every room in the house where I happen to be sitting at that moment. Now I want to redecorate EVERYTHING to look like those pictures. Ohhh, I can't make things fast enough!

  2. Everyone seems to have that book BUT me !!

    Loving all those wavy stripes!

    Fleur xx

  3. Love the colors, and I need to get my hands on that book!

  4. This is So! Beautiful! I came around to say Wow! to your grannies and find another beauty!

    I was looking for a brilliant way to join squares (I knew the one for grannies, yes, it is great! But I looked for a way to join plain squares, by the way, any ideas? :-)) so it must be something in the air about joining squares. And being crazy about crocheting and colors. And heading for new books!
    xxx Hilde

    1. If they're just plain squares, can you single crochet them together? You'll get a ridge down the seam, which some like and some don't. Here's where the fabulous Matt used that method, to great effect:

      Good luck!

  5. I have that book and posted about it last week, its fab!
    I'm guessing.......stool cover?

    Look forward to the reveal!

    Gill xx

    1. Nope, that's not it. Though I am desperate to make one of those, too--gotta get a stool, first. Ooh, I feel all mysterious now!

  6. I'm loving the colours your using, this piece of crochet looks gorgeous. :-)

    Can't wait to see what it turns out to be..!

    Ashley xxx

  7. Wow, so nice colours!

    And maybe it will be the carpet? or some piece of clothing?


  8. the Lucy Ripple is BEYOND addicting! (I'm almost finished with my second, with the yarn for the next one on the way!)

    I'll guess ~tablecover~ of some sort

    I don't have the book either (yet) but you are probably the 4th blog I've seen it on this week!

  9. I'm excited to see what it is! The colors are so pretty!

  10. ooohh I am so in love with the colour..its so it so much

  11. OOh will have to look our for this book thank you - I love the colours you are using in your crochet

  12. Is it a hot water bottle cover?

  13. Whatever you are up to, I know it is gonna be gorgeous. The colors are fabulous! have a great week. Tammy