Friday, March 2, 2012

Needle cases


Sometimes, I just have a hard time getting anything done, mostly because I keep starting things.  I’ve been knitting so much lately, am completely surrounded by piles of unfinished knitting—and there’s nowhere I’d rather be, really—but have little to show for it at the moment.  This little project actually came along in order to facilitate more knitting.  They are sleeves for my double-pointed needles. 


They also gave me an excuse to try out my new sewing machine.  Yes, you heard me.  I know!  Three sewing machines is not too many…and this one is special.  More on her later, I want to make a proper introduction. 


But you know what?  I’m in love. 


  1. So pretty and functional. My friend made me a knitting needle case but I could use one for my crochet hooks. Add this one to my list! Deb.

  2. I have three sewing machines too but they are all about a hundred years old and need some serious tlc before they could be used. I could do with a modern one but have no idea how to go about choosing one. I know nothing about sewing but really want to learn - any ideas??

  3. Cute idea! I don't knit, but understand the unfinished projects due to starting new ones.

    blessings, jilly

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what you got :)

  5. oh what sweet little needle cases! I actually make needle organisers in my etsy shop too, quite a different shape to yours, but I love your design :)
    Jesssie, xo

  6. Hola Kristen me gustan mucho esos estuches sobre todo la alegría que le pones a tus trabajos puedes transmitírsela eso esta bueno, y si tres maquinas suena mucho ☺ yo tengo dos industriales y quiero ir por la de hogar que borda y si una es viciosa jaja besos Sandra.

  7. That's a really nice idea! Both pretty and useful. I had no idea what to do with my dpns to keep them separate and know their sizes, so they are a bit muddled. I have a gauge for them but there is still a bit of guess work involved as there are two holes they fit into and you have to know which one it is, to know which one it is (if that makes sense). I've been using my dpns lately too. I did get on with my socks and I'm at the toe of my second pair's second sock. Thanks for the numbers you gave me, as they fit really well and I seem to have the perfect fit now.

    I have 2 sewing machines and I really shouldn't have. I certainly don't use either enough.

  8. I´m looking for inspiration and I found your blog! So nice! J.

  9. Love your needle cases, they are too cute. I bet it was fun picking out the fabric and buttons. Can't wait to see your new machine!!!! YAY! How exciting!

  10. Hi Kristen, is there a chance you might make a tutorial on how to make these needle cases? Or is there a simple way to explain (without the considerable ordeal of taking step to step photos for a tutorial) where to start, which seams should be sewn first etc. I tried to make a case from the top of my head and it turned out awful and bulky. Yours seem so clean cut and neat that I would love to hear more about how you made these cases.

    And thank you for your blog, this is not the first time google has brought me to Cozy Things while I've been googling for inspiration for making something :)