Saturday, March 10, 2012

Never Enough



I’ve been putting in some quality time on the wee grannies blanket this week, and have been racing the dwindling pile of white yarn in a feeble attempt to get to the finish line before it runs out.  Even though I knew there was nowhere near enough, I just kept crocheting faster and faster, ever hopeful.  Do you all race the yarn?  I always do, and I almost always lose. 


Gosh, I just love this join-as-you-go method—Lucy, you’re the bomb.  Look at how it makes little stars at the corners!  Oooh, aaahhh.  This project is still so captivating to me.  I’ll be sorry when it’s over.  Well kind of…


I guess you all know what this means, right?   I can’t wait!!!!


  1. Beautiful blanket, beautiful colours. I also race the yarn but usually lose xxx

  2. Kristen I do the same thing, if I think I am running out of yarn I knit or crochet faster thinking somehow I will out run it all. Very funny, and beautiful blanket.

  3. Wooo Hooo! You get to buy new yarn when your done! Maybe you do win the race after all. It is kind of a trippy mind thing isn't it? Sometimes when I'm near the end of a skein, I'm torn between looking and guessing how much I have left vs. I don't want to look 'cause I will jinx it. Who new yarn held so much power? Love your blankie :)

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I never tire of granny squares. Can't wait to see the new yarn to replace the old yarn.

  5. I race the yarn, I race the bobbin when I'm sewing, but I do like knowing what to do when it runs out--I like that I don't have to panic! Another beautiful blanket!

  6. Crochet with RaymondMarch 11, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    beautiful! looking forward to seeing it complete!
    I also love your shawl, I'm definitely going to do the increase on both sides on my next shawl as I like them either shallower or more like a wishbone, if you know what I mean, rather than a triangle as then they stay on better. It is gorgeous and very inspiring!

  7. So lovely!! I like the granny squares, but unfortunately I do´t know to do it :-( Have a nice Sunday! J.

  8. Love your blanket! I get excited about the little stars in the corners too. That was my motivation to try the granny cushions.An entire blanket of little stars would be heaven.

  9. I also try and crochet or knit faster to stop the yarn running out! Have a lovely Sunday - its warm like summer here.

  10. I actually slow down and try to crochet tighter to *save the yarn*! oh noes! 12 stitches back I took a little larger loop...ribbit!!

    it's a sickness, I swear!

    pretty pretty blanket!!

  11. must add this to my list. your blanket is so pretty!

  12. I have done that myself...I think everyone does. Your granny blanket is really pretty! I love the delicate way it is joined together.~Patti

  13. I race the yarn too & don't often win (last week I was 6 stitches from the end - 6!!!! arrgghhh!) Love the blanket tho' & those little stars at the corners are awesome :) Am going to have to try this soon... have a great week!

  14. Laughing my head off, you've no ideda how THRILLED i am to be referred to as A Bomb :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous grannies.
    Spill the beans on your ripple project, pretty please?
    ♥ mwah xxx