Saturday, March 10, 2012

Never Enough



I’ve been putting in some quality time on the wee grannies blanket this week, and have been racing the dwindling pile of white yarn in a feeble attempt to get to the finish line before it runs out.  Even though I knew there was nowhere near enough, I just kept crocheting faster and faster, ever hopeful.  Do you all race the yarn?  I always do, and I almost always lose. 


Gosh, I just love this join-as-you-go method—Lucy, you’re the bomb.  Look at how it makes little stars at the corners!  Oooh, aaahhh.  This project is still so captivating to me.  I’ll be sorry when it’s over.  Well kind of…


I guess you all know what this means, right?   I can’t wait!!!!