Friday, March 30, 2012

The Berkshire Satchel: a free pattern for you

When I was a girl in the 1970’s, my friends’ older sisters wore incredible jeans that were somehow lean down to their calves, but then parachuted out into huge flares until you couldn’t even tell they were wearing enormous wooden-soled platform shoes, and they had loooong straight hair and big hoop earrings, and they wore long hippie vests made of granny squares.  They had huge glow-in-the-dark posters of Peter Frampton on their walls.  Their hair was so long they could sit on it.  They were probably only sixteen or so, but I thought they were so glamorous, so beautiful.  I stood in the corner of the yard, eating a homemade popsicle and wearing a t-shirt that said, “Kiss Me” and watched them go off on their boyfriends’ motorcycles, hair flying.
I still think granny squares are so wonderful.  I was a little bit thrilled when the Attic Dormitory Blanket was big enough and I could save a few of the grannies I’d already made for another project.  I had 40 squares leftover, and when I started thinking about this bag, which needs 44 squares, I thought that was a pretty satisfying way to use them up.  Carrying this bag around makes me think of those older sisters, and how I later wished I’d been old enough for Woodstock and how Janis Joplin’s custom-painted Porsche is still on my list of things to DIY.
I’m so pleased that you visit my blog, and that you take the time to leave me a comment now and then, so I’ve made a pattern for this bag, which you can download free here.  I hope you like it!  Now I have “Born to Be Wild” stuck in my head…