Monday, April 16, 2012

Apple Blossom Crochet Handbag

Thanks to our very weird non-winter, the fruit trees are all in bloom already, a month early.  I can’t help worrying that the bees will not have got the message that it is go-time, and won’t come to do the pollinating, and all the blossoms will wither, unfulfilled.   Do bees know about these things?  Actually, I think they do.  Bees are pretty awesome. Maybe it will be okay.
We had a jam-packed weekend, with no time leftover for anything except what I could bring with me in the car [the ongoing, never-ending, giant knitted blanket] and thirteen of these little lily-pad hexagons--most excellent pattern here. [Edit:  Looks like this pattern has been taken down now. ] 100_0346a
Oh my goodness, these are so cute!  I keep underestimating how long a crochet project will take—I see this and think, I have an extremely busy weekend coming up.  I think I’ll just throw this together today and it’ll be done in time.  And then I’m wrong, but it doesn’t matter because these are really fun.
I finally finished the lining this morning—here, look at the lining:
This bag is small, a little sweet something to tuck over your arm when you’re going out.  When you’re not bringing your appointment book and your knitting [wait, what?] and your e-reader and a sandwich for later.  Just room enough for the essentials [hang on, knitting is essential…]
I think I could fit a small project in there. 
I have an Important Event coming up in a few weeks, and I have a brown and white polka-dot dress to wear, and now I have this bag to go with it.  You can find the lovely tutorial here.  Fingers crossed for the bees.