Monday, April 30, 2012

Harvest Moon, v 2.0


This is my second Harvest Moon, finished just in time for a last bit of freezing weather, and for planting time, rather than harvest time.  Maybe it will work like bringing an umbrella to the ballgame, and having a new wool sweater will keep the cold weather from coming back?  I think I’m done with sweaters for awhile anyway; I’m tired of winter.  I don’t want to snuggle up, I want to spread out in the sunshine.  Yesterday was cold but beautiful, and we spent the hours digging and tilling and hauling.  Now my hands really are terrible.  Crouching under a thorn bush with a pair of secateurs seems like a great way to spend a Sunday, but the branches kept snagging my sleeves and swiping my hat, and jabbing all my exposed flesh.  I look like I’ve been in a fight with a cat.  I took a break on the patio with a beer and watched my husband and son use a sledgehammer to pound old cement off rocks, which was way more satisfying.


Getting this sweater off the needles proved to be a little bit of a pain.  Mainly, I think, because I had already made one just like it, and the thrill was gone.  Well, it fits beautifully (I knew it would) and while the yarn (Patons Classic Merino, of course--must branch out) is more or less the color of dried blood (it’s a lovely, heathery, currant wine color up close, I swear!) it flatters me somehow.  I don’t know what to make of that.