Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waffle knit cotton dishtowel, a love affair


I am disproportionately fond of this dishtowel.  Maybe it’s the fact that I finally finished something, or maybe it’s waffled, creamy white, cottony goodness is enough.  Actually, I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the lime green edging.


As you can see, I’m having a bit of a crush on lime green.


It’s really more of a yellowish olive with undertones of mustard…


Anyway, this color turns up a lot in my life.

I love this dishtowel so much.  So much!  It’s ridiculous.  I took fifty-two pictures of it.  I know, I’m going to go get a life in a minute.


If you, too, would like to have an absurd love affair with a dishtowel, here’s how to make one: 

You’ll need about 350 yards of cotton worsted yarn (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Creme in Ecru)  and US 7 needles.  The edging is fingering weight cotton (I used Tahki Cotton Classic Lite in some kind of yellowish-olive with undertones of mustard) and a US E crochet hook.

Cast on a multiple of 8 stitches (I cast on 72) and work K4, P4 ribbing for four rows.  Then change to P4, K4 for four rows.  And so on, until it’s long enough, and looks like a towel.  Then work the edging as follows:  join yarn with a sl st, ch 2.  Work 2 sc in the same space.  *Skip 2 ch, work 3 sc in next ch.  Repeat from *, working 3 sc in each corner, until you get back where you started and can join with a sl st to the top of the first ch 2.  Notice that since you are working crochet edging on a knitted object, you aren’t really strictly looking for “chains” to work into.  Just observe that there is a pattern and if you stick the hook in at regular intervals, it’ll work out fine. 

I have to go do the dishes now.  I can’t wait! 


  1. Love it! The edging is a fabulous color. :)

  2. Thanks for the pattern! Love it...I want to know how long it took you to knit.. speedy!?

  3. Thanks for sharing this pattern, Kristen! "yellowish-olive with undertones of mustard", a brilliant discription of a great colour!

  4. I'm knitting a pair of socks for my husband right now using that same waffle pattern! It sure makes it easy to count -- how many "blocks" until the heel? How many "blocks" until I'm done? Certainly easier to count by blocks than rows!

  5. beautiful! And another towel that I want to make! After I get my ripple done, I'm going to try this :)

  6. You're more than welcome to come and do my dishes when you're finished...

  7. Oooh, I see what you mean about the edging - it really is the most scrumptious colour! x

  8. I'm glad someone else is nutty enough to take so many pics of a dishcloth! I thought I was the only one that did such mad things! Yay!!! xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing! It looks great!

  10. the dishcloth is lovely....but hey, it's White so not entirely sure it would give me such a crush. I was immediately transfixed by those gorgous nesting bowls though, do tell more about those!

    1. Those are my beloved handpainted measuring cups from Anthropologie! :)

  11. blimey, that's weird, I was going to comment - never mind the dishcloth, where d'ya get them bowls..... but see I have been pipped at the post!

  12. Kristen thanks for sharing this FaBUloUS pattern,,,,,i can't wait to knit one of these...or two or maybe three.......


  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! Love your dishtowel, love your wee dishes and love your crazy enthusiasm! It's so lovely to know that there are other fabulous gals out there who take far too many pictures of things they love!!!! I am totally guilty of that too.

    Have a fab weekend hon,

  14. Love your dishcloth Kristen. I made some for my lovely Mother-in-Law for Christmas - one white, one deep red. I haven't seen her using them though!! BUT - you've inspired me to knit some up for me.

  15. It's nice to make something that put's a little bit of sunshine into the normal chores of life!

    Happy Easter x

  16. I think maybe I could tackle this knitting pattern! Love the color choices. Very Purl Beeish.

  17. Instant love! You are too kind to share the pattern. I love it! Thank you Kristen!
    Happy Easter :)

  18. Love it! The edging is perfect. And yes, there are others out there (here) that are in love with their knitted dish towels - me for one. I just made my first knitted dish towel a couple of weeks ago, and who knew I would love it so much, but I do. Now I want to make a waffle stitch one like yours ;).
    Blessings & thank you for sharing your pattern,

  19. Just glorious! Now i want one too. You are so talented!!!!

    Gill xx

  20. This is gorgeous:)

  21. Oh Kristen, I can totally understand that you love your towel that much. It's worth it! :) (To me you could have shown all of those 52 shots if it...;))
    I really wish, I could knit...
    I will learn it someday, and thn I will absolutely try this gorgeous pattern.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. oh, it's lovely. I have the perfect creamy cotton in my stash to make one of my own. thanks for the pattern !

  23. Lovely pattern! Do you think it's possible to add a backing to it, if I wanted a terry cloth option? Thanks!