Saturday, April 28, 2012

What to do with a plain background



Sometimes, I just start crocheting squares, and decide later what they’re going to be.  Is it a bag?  Is it a pillow cover?  Do I love them enough to make four hundred so it can be a blanket?  These started out that way, just a combination of colors from my yarn basket that got piled together at random and looked kind of inspiring together. 


The gingham blanket begs for some color.  It is such a blank canvas, a fresh and empty backdrop, waiting for paint.  [Wow, I really do miss knitting that blanket.  So soon, that happened…I just now thought about starting another one just like it.  Beware, gingham blanket-makers.  This project has mojo.]


I can’t resist that gingham backing, too.  I just have such a need to put a little pioneer-girl on everything, and I guess this threatened to be too, I don’t know, vivid?   A lot of yin, needs a little yang.  Balance. 

Edit:  the pattern source for the squares is the book Little Crochet by Linda Permann—here she is.