Monday, May 14, 2012

Feast of Stripes


As predicted, this project has me fully in its grip.  I started it, what, a week ago?  Already, it is huge and covers my entire lap as I knit.  It is the most perfect combination of a) quick color decision and b) knit mindlessly and happily without even looking; while winning playing Monopoly; while staying up until 1:30 in the morning, catching up with the girl, home from Hogwarts now for the summer, who brings so much light into my life.  Yesterday, she asked me if I would brush her hair.  I live for things like that.


Pardon my exploration of the macro settings…I should really just read the manual…

The stripes are small enough to seem manageable, but big enough now to feel luxurious, offering long stretches of peaceful knitting.  Luxurious manageability. 


Of course, I’m still working on the woven/twill/tweed/linen stitch crochet Stripes Of Love blanket, which continues to tantalize me.  This is such a feast of joyful color.  I am having the best time.