Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project Basket Liner


I have a lot of projects going at any one time.  Too many, probably.  I don’t know, I just can’t work on only one thing, and I’ve decided not to worry about that.  I like to segregate each project into its own basket or bag, along with the pattern, scissors, sewing-up needle, and whatever else goes with it, so that if I want to take it with me, I just grab and go, and if I think there’s even the remotest possibility I’ll be sitting around somewhere with nothing to do, I bring a basket of knitting along.  I’ve spent a couple miserable highway traffic jams without a little yarn to ameliorate my impatience, and I am very monkey-minded, so I like to be prepared.  This basket is really lovely, but the inside is rough, and it finally snagged my project-in-progress for the last time.  So I made a liner.


This is the most haphazard method in the world, but to get the approximate shape of the basket, I just rolled it over a big piece of paper and traced where it went.  Very estimate-y.  I left little cutouts where the handle goes, and added a couple ribbons to tie it there.  I traced the bottom of the basket the same way, and added 1/2” for seam allowances, and a few inches for it to hang over the lip at the top of the basket.  I cut two of each, sewed them together with wrong sides facing, and then turned it right side out to press.  It’s kind of a lined liner, if you know what I mean.  It sort of fits, mostly. 


The yarn just looks so snuggly in there, all safe.  No more snags.  Knitting and crochet continues, but I took a wee break—we had a Big Day this weekend:


This is my new favorite Doctor.  I love that medieval academic regalia so much.  You should have seen them all swooping around like magnificent giant bats, velvet sleeves heroically burgeoning.  He looks like he works at Oxford.  Or Hogwarts.  Congratulations, honey.