Friday, May 11, 2012

Yarn Everywhere


I must be crazy, but I’ve started another blanket.  This one is Ann and Kay’s Log Cabin, and I resisted it as long as I could, but I guess I just missed having a project involving endless miles of garter stitch, so here it is.  This is pretty easy knitting, so if you’re not a knitter (yet) and are inclined to try it, this pattern would be a good place to start.  You can keep going as long as your yarn lasts, or make smaller blocks and sew them together—there are lots of possibilities.  The pattern can be found here.

I can’t even make noises about using up my scraps, because I recently realized that I’m not accumulating scraps anymore; I’m accumulating scrappy yarns.  On purpose.  For things like blankets.  Look:


Those aren’t leftovers, those are what happens when I find a 40% off sale at my local yarn shop.  I go along the Wall of Every Color (oh, so tempting!) and pick out individual balls of whatever grabs me.  Just to add to my palette, you know.  Do you all do that too?  Looking at that photo, I can sure see what my palette is.  (Lime green with a hint of olive and mustard, anyone?) All this yarn doesn’t fit in the yarn cupboard, so there’s nothing left to be done except make blankets.  What can I do?  I gotta be me. 


I’m still fighting with the settings of the amazing new camera.  Stuff is blurry.  Nothing is the right color.  Change is hard.