Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Monogrammed Wedding Gift for Cool People


A couple of the cool people in my life recently got married to each other.  It made me sweetly teary to sit in their beautiful old church with the fans gently turning and the afternoon light pouring through the stained glass windows, with the warm summer all around us, and with friends dressed up to usher and other friends singing in the choir and at the piano.  My yoga teacher was the officiant.  It was so personal, and perfect.  The processional was a Ben Folds song.  I told you, these are cool people. 


I knew they already have a blender, and that they are just the sort of people who appreciate a handmade gift. I made these pillowcases from a gorgeously thick vintage cotton sheet, and then designed the monogram using a font scoured from the internet—I think it’s called “Ptarmigan,” which somehow seems wonderful.  I stitched it over the course of a few days, then pressed the living daylights out of the whole thing, until the pillowcases were as crisp and fancy as I could make them. 


I wrapped them in a piece of vintage voile printed with little violets, and tucked a silk flower into the knot.  I hope they love them.  They come with wishes for sweet dreams, and a happy life together.