Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picnic Dreams and a new bag


In the summer, what I really want, almost more than anything, is to go on a picnic.  I have such visions of myself in a white dress, sitting with legs tucked on a quilt next to a riverbank, a wicker basket of fancy sandwiches and lemonade and buttery cookies at the ready, and also maybe a man in a straw boater holding a small, leather-bound book of poetry.  There would be dragonflies and possibly even a pair of friendly swans.  A banjo.  Really, I ask for so little.  My man, however, is tirelessly at work saving the world, so yesterday, instead of all that, I hauled a quilt out to the back yard and spread it in the shade of the crabapple tree, lay down with a book, and was fast asleep in minutes.  I woke up an hour later with leaves sticking to my face and him standing over me asking how much corn on the cob I wanted for dinner.  I said a lot, and he brought it out to me, and we ate it, a feast of corn, there on the quilt.  That’s pretty nice, too.

DSCF0811a  Apropos of none of that, I have made a Lucy bag, with sweet flower decorations and a lining.  As if you didn’t know already, this pattern is free.  Thank you, Lucy, you’re the best.  I could maybe put a picnic in there, too, couldn’t I?