Sunday, August 12, 2012

Regency Hat


I decided to foray away from blankets for a minute and crochet something else.  This, the Regency Hat from this book is one of those things that’s so crazy it just might work.  It’s made with chunky yarn and a relatively small hook, so as to make a tight fabric that will hold its shape.   As I was working on it, as it got more and more pointy and helmet-like, as it became practically a vessel you could use to haul water from the well, I kept thinking it would either be hilariously ridiculous or outrageously awesome, and actually it turns out to be a little of both.  It’s a mash-up of Holly Hobbie and Elizabeth Darcy, with a hint of Rudy from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.  It’s an oversize newsboy cap with a kind of prairie girl flavor; Laura Ingalls, working in an ice-cream shop. 


I don’t know anything about fashion, but this feels like it could be incredible, though it might require a certain look to pull it off—hence my use of the beautiful mermaid-like daughter as a model, because when I put it on myself, with my short hair and severe, smart-girl statement glasses, everyone in the house completely cracked up.  It fell down over my eyes and the girl’s BFF said, in an incredulous tone, “Who is that for?”  I said, “probably nobody!” and then we put it on the girl and a hush fell over us, and he said, “Oh.  Yeah.”  It looks good on her.  Everything does, you know.  Oh, to be twenty-one.  DSCF0859

I did some tinkering with the pattern.  I made a hat according to the instructions, and even though I got gauge, it turned out teeny, perching on my head like an army utility cover, which is fine if that’s the result you want, but I wanted mine to be bigger and more dramatic.  I unraveled it and tried again, using two strands of the already-chunky yarn (This is Berocco Vintage Chunky, color 6121) held double, and a US J hook, and the end result was so close, slightly too big, but I solved that by running a twisted yarn tie through the band and tying it in the back.  Nothing about the instructions for the brim made any sense, including the errata, so I tore that out too, and just hooked what looked good.  It’s still just slightly too big for my child-size head, and I think I could get it right on a third try, but this is enough for now.  I also went rogue and used a different flower—this is my favorite crocheted flower pattern of all time.  A couple of those makes everything look like a birthday cake.  


See how it stands up all by itself?  This hat will keep the wind out. 


Always willing to be a clown, this girl.   She’s so great.



DSCF0868a Cozy.  Crazy.  Nobody else will have one like it, and I think it’ll get looks when I wear it, different looks than the looks she will get if she wears it, but you know, that’s pretty much true of everything. 


  1. Kristen you crack me up. And you are right a bag on that lovely girls head would look like the height of fashion. On me it would look ridiculous.
    Happy Sunday,

  2. What a great post! The hat is crazy and wonderful! A very daring piece of fashion! :)

  3. I know, not the point of the post, but, her hair is thud-worthy!

    the hat is adorable on her as well!

    1. It sure is thud-worthy, you're right! It's amazingly long, and she's already cut it once and donated to Locks for Love. She now says she won't cut it again until she's defeated in battle, so that'll be awhile. ;)

  4. I like it. Different enough to be really cool.

  5. My Cozy Things debut! :p
    PS- I'm so in approval of mustard. I love mustard- too bad it looks ridiculous with my (lack of?) skin tone!

    1. I should've had you model the hat, too. That would have been GREAT! :) Next time.

  6. What a nice idea! Really unique :-). My favorite photo is the third one. And this hat reminds me of Sarah Kay! Do you know her pics? They were very in vogue in my teens and I still think they are very cute.

  7. You could have just started a new fashion :)
    I like it.

  8. This is a great post! The hat is totally fun and I want some of those flowers! Your daughter is very pretty and OMG her hair is so long! I bet she could wind it all up and make a giant bun to fit in the hat.
    Like the new header pic too!

  9. I have a lot to say this morning. But first, your daughter is absolutely stunning!! She has such a beautiful face and I am sure, a figure to go right along with it! The hat is adorable on her. She looks like she can pull just about anything off!
    The new header with the blanket is so cute and fun! I love the purse in previous post, and I too am a lover of the Mrs Meyer soaps and products.
    The speed with which you turn out your projects amazes me!!!!

  10. Simply...your just a little nut!!!!
    Thank you for the giggle today.
    And your daughter...what a trooper :)
    My cheeks hurt from grinning.. gotta go Kristen.
    penny x

  11. This hat is adorbz! And katie is also adorbz! I love the pictures and the new website banner :)

  12. OhMy that hat is gorgeous! I love your daughter posing simply beautiful!

  13. the hat is fantastic!!! your daughter, too!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  14. Certifiable hat addict here and I love that hat. It would be perfect for my giant size hair I am sporting these days (not by choice). Love the flower on there too!

  15. That's one hat with a lot of personality!!

  16. You always make me laugh. Hats down to both of you for a wonderful post. Great job!
    Shari ")

  17. Ha ha enjoyed all that didn't you!!!!
    Very very refreshing post.....had a good chuckle. Your daughter is a great model!!!!
    Thanks Kristen

    Amanda x

  18. hee hee kristen, i wish again that we were neighbors! your hat is adorable, love the yellow and the flowers and your daughter is gorgeous. i have a 21 year old girl too!

  19. LOVE it!!
    And your gal is so beautiful, she could wear anything and look fabulous!
    A great make.

  20. You delight and inspire me, Kristen! Classy cleaning cloths, a precious picnic poke and a beautiful bonnet =) Thanks so much for posting!
    Gracie xxx

  21. I agree with everyone, your daughter is a beautiful girl. The hat is cute and it looks extra cute on her. I crocheted a gray one almost like yours a few years ago. Believe me, no one would have wanted it if they saw it on me. For some reason my head does not seem to be made for wearing a hat!! Thankfully I had a fake head model who looked great wearing my hat. I sold it.-------- Shanno

  22. Sometimes we just take ourselves so seriously! How nice to see fun and humor!
    I was such a Holly Hobbie fan,and Fat Albert too!

  23. Just what I needed this morning; real laughter and good inspiration! LOVE that hat, and she certainly pulls it off. Thank you so much for sharing.