Monday, September 3, 2012

Dappled Shade



The last few days have been hot and windy and dry, and it’s so hard to be indoors.  Yesterday I spread a quilt in the dappled shade and read an entire book. I tried (in vain) to make a chair out of two pillows and a tree.  My hair grew wild in the wind, blowing into my eyes and the pages of the book flapped and fluttered, and at one point, the cover tore off and sailed into the bushes. Leaves and half-ripe crabapples tumbled down onto my head.  My dress lashed against my legs.  There’s been some knitting, but mostly not.  There’ve been blackberries at $1.00 a pint, and millions of tomatoes, and a bit of sewing (more later!) and laundry.  So much of that.  When it’s hot and windy, I get to washing things.  Sheets on the clothesline whip and snap like sails, and everything is dry in about four minutes.  


There is a rustling grayness to the garden now, a spent quality.  Exhaustion.  Readiness.   See the spider?  The wind broke his web and he has (yiiiiikes!) vanished again.  I’m giving those tomatoes up.  Forget it.  Not worth it.  Goodness only knows what all could be lurking in there.  One day awhile ago, I reached down into the deep thicket that is the center of this tomato patch, and suddenly felt something clinging to my finger.  It was a cicada the size of a pony, just clutching my finger like a baby, its skinny legs curled like a tendril.  It was unexpected, this clinging, and I screamed.  Cicadas look prehistoric, probably because they are.  He jumped calmly onto a leaf, looking bored, and I got my wits about myself long enough to peer at him.  His eyes looked like marbles. 


  1. HaHaHa, you sure have some wild critters over there. I don' blame you for leaving those tomatoes, that spider can probably carry them off on his back. I love your quilt under the tree, what a great spot for reading and snoozing.
    Your new header picture is GREAT!!!! and I want that mirror over your fireplace. Everything looks very, very cozy indeed.

  2. I think I would leave the tomatoes alone also. That spider looks like he owns that territory...let him have it! Love the new header!
    Hope you have a wonderful week! Shari

  3. That spider looks like he would eat you up for dinner, no tomato is worth that. Love the new picture on your blog, it looks like a love place to read or knit.

  4. We get lots of those spiders in our garden, but perhaps not quite so big as that one! I'm looking forward to days in my future when I can spread out a rug and read a book all on my own, it sounds heavenly.

  5. I love your new blog header hon! I have laughed out loud reading this post. Here's to a critter-free week ahead!!

  6. I'd leave those tomatoes be too, with that spider lurking so close. ;) Sounded like such a lovely day. I wish I could get my husband to put up a clothesline. I miss the smell of sheets that have dried in the outside air...I'll have to start bugging him! :)

  7. Is it just me, or is that spider the siza of the tomato? Definitely not worth it.

  8. I am completely behind you on leaving those tomatoes to the HUGE ugly spider. Gave me the willies just looking at that photo;-)

    blessings, jill

  9. As long as I know where the spider is I'm fine, it's when they jump out and say Boo! then scuttle off sniggering! Man I hate that, make me nearly pee my drawers! I'm with you on the cicada thing too, they like to hang off my washing and they fly into my face and they have all that other space to fly into! Why my face!! We have these ghastly things in NZ called Wetas! Google'd just die! ***Shudder***

  10. That sonda lime a scaaaaaaary ... Halloween ( ish) story :) .... Hoje it Waste a grat book you read n cant wait to see what u r Knitting :)

  11. HI, if you would be so kind a head to my blog to have a peek. There's a little something for you! :) love your blog even though I'm quiet and don't comment.

  12. Kristen your veggie patch sounds a scary place.
    It's always better to see the enemy and know where it is than not ....shudder shudder.
    Loving your quilt and pillows, but it sounds like you had a bit of disturbed break - and I can't imagine you having the time to read when there's always so much crafting going on in your house - its good to know you do rest sometimes!
    Gill xx