Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early Fall



Oh, these early autumn days are so gorgeous.  That low, slanting light and the blue, blue sky…it just sends me.  I want to photograph everything.

I also want to keep sewing skirts. 


Although I’ve exhausted the stash, skirt-fabric-wise.  In fact, that one on the right?  The beige linen one?  That’s my Sound of Music skirt—it’s made from a curtain. 


It wasn’t being used as a curtain at the time, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have taken it off the wall to make clothes.  I once cut buttons off a shirt in my husband’s closet because I needed them for something else. 

Speaking of buttons, I want to show you how I made the button closure.


I threaded a piece of #5 Perle cotton onto a big-eyed needle and ran it through the end of the waistband (which in this case is just a bias edging) and made two loops.  I made sure the button I was planning to use would fit—snugly—through the loops, and then I began making little knots around the loops, like this:




When the loop was covered with knots, I fastened off the end by running it into the interior of the skirt, between the curtain linen and the gingham lining, and knotted it.  For all I know this is an actual technique (maybe called “buttonhole stitch” or whatever, who knows) and my mama may have taught it to me, I have no idea.  I’ve just always done it when I need a loop closure.  It’s handy, and I don’t have to go to the store.


This one is a wrap skirt, made using the same pattern.  I lined it with (what else) gingham and then sewed a bias edging around the whole thing.  Then I added two buttons at the waistband, and hand-sewed two buttonholes to meet them. 


Whoops, I’m late for school!  Gotta go. 


  1. Your skirts look great and you make the button closure look so easy to make. I love that you used curtains to make one of your skirts. I can just see Scarlet O'Hara eyeing her mothers drapes to make a new dress. :-)

  2. The skirts are lovely and you are so clever Kristen!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Hi Kristen, I can always count on a giggle or two when I visit here! Your skirts are so cute, and I love how you did that button loop! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I really like the "curtain" skirt. Love how it looks with the white socks. :D Beautiful skirts all of them!

  5. I really like your skirts, the trims are so pretty!

  6. You could also be Scarlett O'Hara making the green dress to impress Rhett from the curtains. Love your skirts,

  7. great !
    greetings from Poland

  8. i wish I could sew better. I am terrible on a machine and only ok by hand :( the skirts are adorable :)

  9. You are awesome making skirts! wonderful photos!

  10. Very nice. I had visions of you yanking the drapes down, Scarlett O'Hara style, to sew another skirt!!!
    XO Kris

  11. You're on a roll with those skirts Kristen! Perfect for Autumn. I like the loop closure!
    Gill xx

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous skirts hon! I adore your little button loops - what a beautiful idea. And I am so pleased that I'm not the only one who finds something she likes then makes a zillion of them!!

    Have a fab weekend. Maybe a few more skirts will be whipped up?

  13. Ok, the first one was great, but now you're just showing off!! Glad I'm not the only one that raids and pilfers to make my projects come to fruition. It's done, I gotta make some kind of skirt this weekend... and I LOVE the button closure. Gotta try that too. You are so gifted, lady! LOVE it all, always.

  14. Great photos! You are a really talented skirt maker, they are beautiful!

  15. Love your skirts, really pretty. Thanks for showing us how to do a button loop. Hope that wasn't one of your husbands buttons you used, he he. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  16. I love the skirts - they are absolutely gorgeous and such attention to detail and as for the pulled up socks....I so remember doing that - fabulous.

    Nina x