Friday, September 28, 2012



Sometimes, plain and simple is best.  A scarf like this, nothing more than garter stitch, worked on 32 stitches with US size 6 needles (the most beautiful vintage bakelite needles you have in your collection, glossy with patina), knit until the yarn is used up, can be a companion in difficult times, soothing and meditative.  Worn, it can be the perfect foil for your beautiful face, dressed up in red lipstick, dangled with big hoop earrings.  It can be the most ordinary, most reached-for scarf in the basket.  Warm, a comfort. 


There were times in my knitting life when I felt I was way above the humble garter stitch scarf, that to wear one was the mark of a beginner, or worse yet, it seemed to me, the mark of a non-knitter.  Well, learning for me is non-linear, and I am cycling circularly back around to the beginning now, to an unabashed love affair with the plain and simple.   I’ve learned most of knitting’s fancy tricks, but this one, this back-and-forth without looking at my work, this feeling for the stitch and knowing it will be there, this intimacy I have with yarn and needles, the way we understand each other, is what drives me to it.  It feels like knitting loves me back. 


This particular scarf has its own story—it was requested of me by a sixteen year-old boy, the son of a dear friend, and he asked for it to be as simple as possible.  He chose the yarn.  He said all his friends would be jealous.  With that, there has been nothing but reward for me in making it for him.  And now I want to make one for myself, too, in Candy Apple Red, to match my lipstick. 


The cowl goes to Lynne!  Thank you all for playing.  :)