Friday, September 21, 2012

Slouch Hat and a Giveaway

Slouch hats, how I love them.  I have so many already, and it never seems like enough.  This is my first crocheted hat ever, and I am sold.  Look how slouchy it is!  The pattern is from Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby, a review copy of which arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago.  
The stash is still a slave to the Log Cabin Blanket (Part four is underway.  So close.) so I made a scrappy striped version of the slouch hat, which was tremendous fun and which turned out great.  It’s worked at a fairly loose gauge, so it isn’t going to keep the wind out, but it’s perfect for the weekend, when my hair is all over the place (which is every weekend) and when I want to wear my skinny jeans and pirate shirt and hang out in coffee shops.  
My beautiful model has gone away back to Hogwarts, so I held auditions.  Her BFF, who would look awesome in this slouchy hat, and who would enjoy the pompom very, very much, is also away at Hogwarts and could not be reached.  I thought to model it myself, but could not do so without making duck lips at the camera like a teenager updating her Facebook profile picture.  The boy sarcastically volunteered, and I laughed until he put on the slouch hat and looked just like the Head Longshoreman of the Christmas Elves, which was totally perfect, but I wanted a goofy picture and he wouldn’t let me, so I had to resort to the alien head. 
There are a whole bunch of things I want to make from this book.  The designs are simple, and they’re lush, too, cuddly, with big soft yarns and stitches.  I love this kind of design—plain, but gorgeously executed.   Lots of lovelies.  It’s a keeper. 
Rachael has sent me this, too: 
 Kasey with cowl 2
It’s the Cuddle Cowl, modeled here by a willing friend and crocheted by Rachael herself, and she thought I might like to offer it to one of you guys.  
For a chance to win this beautiful, original, super-cozy piece of crochet, please leave a comment on this post.  I’ll choose a winner next Friday, 9/28.  Thanks, Rachael.