Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flannel Nightgown


If I had to choose one thing to wear every day for the rest of my natural life, it would be this nightgown.  I don’t know how it went so right, but it did and I’m glad, and now I have the pattern forever and ever.


Critical Element 1:  This little gathered bit at the front, below the [Critical Element 2] yoke.   That seemingly insignificant detail makes things just roomy enough at the front.  Too many more gathers than this and you have billowy, and billowy is not my friend. 


More stuff that worked:  this hand-sewn bias edging (it has to be on the bias, see the  fabric grain?  That’s what makes it go around the curves) made a neat finish, and no rough seams.


The depth of the armholes is just right, the amount of positive ease (that’s the measure of the difference between the actual size of the garment and the actual size of myself) is perfect, and the calico-printed brushed flannel is soft and snuggly.  I want to live in this!  Couldn’t I just add a little scarf and a pair of Audrey Hepburn flats and see if it would pass for a dress?  No? 

To make it, I simply traced my old favorite nightgown onto some big paper, drawing the yoke piece separately and marking where I should gather the fabric.  I cut everything out, sewed the yoke to the front, sewed the back to the front at the shoulders and sides, made a long strip of 1 1/4” bias edging and attached it at the neck and arm openings, and then hemmed the bottom edge.  Really, so easy.  So cozy.  It’s my new uniform.


I’m sending love to all those who were in Sandy’s path, and thanks to all who did the same for me and mine—we were spared all but some rain and gusty winds, thank goodness.  She was a terrible beast.