Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Loulouthi-edged Blanket


This gray wool/cotton blanket needed a little something.  It was originally manufactured in a hurry, I think, because the cut ends were not square, and it was “bound” with sloppy serging, which ruffled up like crazy.  It couldn’t be folded neatly.  There was a sewn-on tag that said “Washing Instructions” and that’s all.  There were no washing instructions on it!  I sort of loved that.  Might be the rest of it faded away. 


I squared up the ends and then cut 2 1/2” wide pieces of what remains of my beloved stash of Anna Maria’s Loulouthi, stitching them into a long enough strip and then sewing them over the newly cut ends.  I tacked a piece of cotton lace underneath the edge.  I am so in love with Anna’s design sensibility right now.  So much gorgeous color.  Check this out.  Doesn’t that just make you want to get cracking?  My mama always used to say that, “Come on, let’s get cracking!”  It means, hurry up, get on with it.  Better get on with it, then.  See ya!