Sunday, November 4, 2012

Denali Handwarmers

Lovely Lori bought this yarn in Alaska, in Denali Park, the crown jewel of which is Denali herself, the tallest mountain in North America, and the tallest base-to-peak mountain in the world.  That’s right, Everest, I’m looking at you!  I don’t know why I enjoy that little fact so much, but I do.  Frankly, I’m very competitive.  Take that, Tibet!  Anyway, I won Lovely Lori’s giveaway (thank you, Lori!) and when the package arrived, i dropped everything and made these. 
This yarn is by Subarctic Spinners Homespun Yarn, and it is quite scrumptious indeed, a chunky three-ply in the color of campfire smoke and mountain mystery.  A beautiful bluish/grayish/purplish merino wool.  It is soft enough to use for making baby pajamas, but as I have no babies, I decided to make handwarmers instead. 
(Check out that Caribou Antler button, also part of Lori’s prize booty.  They look and feel like wood.)  It looked like there would be just enough yardage for a pair of fingerless mittens, and I decided to forego cuffs in exchange for more hand coverage.  Somebody once told me that a good way to regulate your body temperature is to expose your wrists, which seems nuts, but so do a lot of scientific things; for instance, did you know that your nose and ears will continue growing throughout your entire life?  I know!  For those of us who already have too much in the way of ears, that is an alarming piece of information.  Anyhoo.
I’ve written up the pattern for these little lovelies, and you can find it here.  Enjoy!
[Edit:  if you can’t open the PDF, you can right click on the link and “Save As” or you can try disabling Adobe’s Firefox plugin.  I don’t know how to do that last bit, only that it might help!  I’m sorry it’s not simple.]