Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fairy Tale

I’ve been a knitting machine this week, motoring along on the fairy tale cardigan and making good progress, but I have to take a moment away from yarn to share this with you, because a real fairy tale happened to me over the weekend, and I still can’t even believe it: I was invited to sing Daydream Believer onstage with The Monkees. 

me and the monkees

I know!  I know!  I have no words adequate to truly describe how this felt.  There’s stuff that’s fun, you know, like roller coasters and winning the lottery and a 70% Off sale at the yarn shop, and then there’s stuff that’s so much fun you feel like all the gray weight of ordinary living melts away and you’re nothing but light and love and you just have to throw your head back and let the joy fly out, you know what I mean?  When a good dream comes true, for real?  Just, wow. 

Monkees and me

So this is me, performing Daydream Believer.  Onstage.  With The Monkees.  I managed it, and didn’t freak out or faint or cry or face-plant or forget the words.  The whole crowd sang along with me, because the room was of people who love Davy Jones as much as I do. 

me and the monkees 3

It was a beautiful day.