Friday, November 23, 2012

Mod knitted belt


Thank you all for sharing my enthusiasm, Monkee-wise.  It was a huge thrill to sing with them, and I am still floating a little.  Fortunately, almost all my ongoing projects are at the point of mindless progress, so I daydream a little and make rows happen, and daydream a little more. 

I did manage to fire up my brain cells long enough to make this very 70’s belt, which is another pattern from this fantastic book.  The yarn is recycled, and I think it was Cascade 220 superwash in its original life, in some kind of dark wheat heather gold color; I don’t know exactly.  The plastic buckle thing came from the crafty thrift shop, and the jacquard ribbon is another like this, bought a few years ago with no project idea in mind, but it was so pretty. 


I think this would be so great over a clingy, jersey-knit dress in some kind of tawny color, a dress the color of lions. 


  1. Ooooooohhhhh!!!! this is a beautiful belt! I love it! Congratulatios for this work!

  2. This is very stylish, AND you used all recycled materials! Well done, love the ribbon : )

  3. That is such 1970's fun!
    ps. How fab was your singing with the Monkee's! Have a great weekend xox Penelope

  4. Wonderful idea!
    ... and colours Loving the retro feel,
    bestest to you and yours today!
    Daisy J

  5. Daydream Believer, that's what you are now!!I think your belt would look fab on an orange dress but maybe that's meant for someone else and not for you.....ok, I'll stop now!!!Have a great weekend, Mrs. Starstruck. x

    1. Yes, orange would be fab, too!

      Monkee-jokes are always the best. You get me, you totally get me! :)

  6. This looks fab, could it be adapted to make a camera strap? Xx

  7. very cute, which stitch is that? i must look up the book next time i'm in a shop!

  8. The author called it "Twist Field Stitch". :)