Saturday, November 17, 2012





The fairytale jacket begins to come together.  Here’s the bodice so far.  It looks like in the original, Sidsel joined these as she went, but I decided to do a slip stitch crochet together at the wrong side, mainly because I couldn’t get the join-as-you-go to look neat enough.  I joined them in columns first, then across the rows, going the other way.  It took all day.  I had to get all zen about it.  I watched about seventy hours of local news, over and over hearing the story of the abrupt end of Hostess, thinking, wait, what? Was there any warning?  Why haven’t I been eating more of those weirdly awesome orange cupcakes?  I kind of hate to think about a future without Twinkies in it.  Anyway.  So that’s how I ameliorated the tedium of a bazillion hours of joining teeny squares together. 




I built the back and two fronts separately, then gave the pieces a good blast with the steam iron, which made these raised seams lie down and behave.  Then I crocheted the side and shoulder seams together the same way, and blasted those, too.  Next, I’ll add a few rows of single crochet around the bottom edge and then, switching to knitting, pick up stitches and start working down towards the hem. 


And if I see a Twinkie today, I’m going to buy it.