Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winging it


I fell madly for this sweater (designed by the extremely talented Sidsel Hoivik) which I think is actually some kind of magical fairy coat, or maybe something made for baby elves by their old grannies.  It definitely belongs in a fairy tale.  I think if you wear it, you’ll automatically smell like cinnamon sugar.  You’ll find yourself living in a stone cottage in a forest meadow, your friends consisting of woodland creatures and one cranky old man with a hand-carved walking stick and a heart of gold. 

It also seems to me this sweater is the perfect blend of crochet and knitting; it is the best of both—the granny square bodice is a creative wonderland, and the knitted part makes it wearable.  I love it, so much.


I had all those leftovers. 

I could not wait to start.

I can not find the pattern.

Now, nothing is impossible in this world, but short of hitting up a few yarn shops in Oslo and then learning to read Norwegian, I have had to admit defeat. 


So, I decided I’m just gonna wing it. I’m going to make something similar to the original, something (heavily) inspired by the original, something mostly belonging to Sidsel in design, but made with what I already have lying around the place and with my own ingenuity.  Believe me, I’d rather not.  But I am in the grips of this thing, people!  I’m in the throes!


I’ve looked everywhere I can look, and in the meantime, I optimistically made 160 mini granny squares, which are blocked now, and clamoring to be made into the bodice of a sweater.  So here is where I step off the trail and turn into the woods. 


Sidsel, if you’re out there, thank you for the inspiration.  Gulp.  My first-ever crocheted sweater.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  Here goes!