Friday, December 7, 2012

Lazy Blanket, part one


I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll say it again:  I really need to knit.  I have concluded that no matter how many hatssweatersscarvesblankets I have, and even though I don’t need any more, I will still knit them, and this is not the guilt trip it used to be.  I am not capping my capacity for blanketing, not any more.  I will buy the yarn and I will knit things, and I will crochet up the leftovers into granny squares and other doodads and there will be no guilt, because this is what I do.  Not only are there more good ideas for things to make with yarn than there are blackberries in the bramble, but the plain old need to be knitting something is tremendous around here.  Do you feel this too?  Do you continue to make beautiful things you don’t need?  Is this the line between craft and art? 


This is the laziest blanket design I could possibly have made up.  In fact, it is so lazy that it scarcely bears discussion.  It totally sacrifices form for function—the function in this case being the focus of my need to be knitting something, and, come to think of it, the laziness itself is a function of this design, too—and I realized way early on in the process of this two things:  first, I have chosen a pattern that requires by design that I buy a bunch of new yarn, and second, that I could have gotten a lot more bang (both in design and in economy) if I had only taken four seconds of time to plan a little.  And yet, I powered forth with the knitting, because I am—and I mean this in all sincerity—absolutely compelled to knit.  Compelled.   I can’t even stand to wait four seconds.  And in my mind, as I knit, I considered the other idea that I could have used here if I had spent four seconds in planning and realized that there is much yarn and with luck many years yet left to me, and all blankets will eventually be knit.   That next one will probably be really amazing and I’m really excited about it, which spurs me to knit madly on this one in pursuit of the opportunity to start the next one, which then isn’t lazy at all, but rather more, um, maybe focused is the word I’m looking for?  I keep thinking that at some point I’ll lose interest in all this yarn, but so far, there’s no sign of that. 


I am already—and I realize this is ridiculous—halfway done with this.  It is half done.  I know.