Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Sometimes, there is no solace or comfort.  After the terrible events of last Friday, I curled up with my yarn basket and hid from the news.  All I can do is send love, which feels like it is not nearly enough, and to wish you all, everywhere, peace and joy. 

Nearly-finished blankets are in abundance here at Cozy Things.  I’m thinking about edgings now, which is a good sign that the finish line is in sight.  Also, I’m assessing the stash for balance, and I find I am shockingly low on green.  What?  Must buy yarn. 

There will be knitting here, and crochet, and probably Barbra Streisand singing that frantically happy version of Jingle Bells, and cookie baking, and they tell me it may snow.  I will hug my safe and healthy children and be blessed.