Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When you get to Craftyville, turn left


My thrifting pal Michelle and I saw this project in Country Living magazine, or maybe it was Country Homes and Interiors; I can’t remember which, and we both thought it was completely bonkers but also a little bit awesome.  It is—are you ready for this?—a Christmas tree made out of lampshades. 


Right?  It leans way more toward crazy if you add all the ball fringe and other doodads you know you have lying around the place:


Man, that makes me laugh so hard!  It looks like a wedding cake I decorated with my feet.  Honestly, I can’t decide whether this thing is a complete failure, or whether I love it with my whole being.  It is totally insane.  Ridiculous.  It is lampshade skeletons covered with junk.  And yet, it is making me smile. 


As if it isn’t way too crafty around here already, now I have this thing, which is smothered in furbelows, squatting on the table beside the front door.  Goodness.  But I laugh my head off every time I look at it, which is not for nothing, you know what I mean? 

Because I am who I am, I already had some thrift store lampshades about the place, and the boy was more than happy to peel the yucky fabric off them to reveal their wire skeletons for me.  I wrapped fabric scraps around the bones, tying on a new piece when I came to the end, and when all the metal was covered, I stacked them up.  Then I decked it out in every kind of scrap trim I could scrounge and fell over laughing at myself.  It felt pretty good.