Sunday, January 20, 2013

Atelier cardigan


The wind is pounding against the house, rattling anything that’s loose and probably loosening a few new things, too, but the sun is shining, and there are just a few puffy-looking fair weather clouds.  It sounds like we’re having a terrible storm, but the sky is blue as an iris in summer.  Weird.  Cold weather is coming. 


I finished Atelier, another Heidi Kirrmaier design.  I really had to have faith with this sweater—those mysterious garter stitch bands at the front were a little confounding, and I was convinced, based on past experience, that I would run out of yarn.  But I didn’t, at least not until I got to the pocket linings, which I had almost sort of decided to do in a different color anyway, so running out there was not a big deal.


I did use every single inch of six skeins of Silky Wool, which both lasts forever and also runs out on me, kind of like when you buy 32 rolls of toilet paper at the bulk store and then you’re amazed when you suddenly find you’ve used the last of it?  Like you thought this was so much toilet paper, just such a gigantic quantity, that you would have enough toilet paper to last your whole life?  Silky Wool is like that for me. 


This knit took a long time, and by the end, I was pretty ready to be done with it.  I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to fit (which of course it does, Heidi is a genius) and that the yarn would fail me (it didn’t) and that I don’t really need any more gray sweaters (that one is true) but after a nice bath and a nap in front of the fire (the sweater, not me) it has a wonderful drape, fits beautifully, and is soft and warm.  Just what you want from a little cardigan like this.  Ahhh, success. 



How do you like my new painting?  It is the work of my very talented daughter, and is called “Not a Lobster”.  Obviously.