Thursday, January 31, 2013

Color and doubt


Sweater.  Very colorful, but only five colors.  I can’t believe how hard it is to choose only five colors.  Five colors is not very many, and they have to do all the work and provide all the complexity I usually rely on thirty different colors to accomplish.  They need to be compatible, but not too analagous, nor too primary, nor too dull, nor too neon, and they need to have value contrast, which is the most difficult part for me.  Unless I photograph the yarns and view them in black and white, I can’t see the values at all.  My brain sees pink yarn and thinks it must be lighter than the green yarn, because pink is a light color, right?  Right?  Usually, it turns out I’ve chosen five colors that are the exact same value as each other, which, for a project like this, won’t work. 


All the way through this colorwork section, I was feeling a little hinky about my yarn choices.  So close to primary colors, which I resist like crazy.  I changed my mind once and started over.  I swapped stuff out, bought new yarn, went back to the original plan, swapped stuff out again.  Doubt.  Finally, there was nothing to do but plow ahead or give up, so I plowed ahead.


Wait, that looks pretty good!  Don’t you love it when that happens?  When something you dreamed up seems like it’s going all sideways, but then it doesn’t?  When it looks like you imagined?  The best.  (Hey, is that a steek in there?  Am I going to cut that with scissors??  Yes, yes I am.  Gulp.)