Thursday, January 24, 2013

Las Vegas Cowl


I’ve been down with a bad case of the sniffles this week—ow, my throat hurts—but it hasn’t kept me in bed, so I guess it isn’t the flu, thank goodness for that.  I was still dumb enough to go out into the snow this morning for a photo shoot of this fabulous cowl, and it was –16 F.  That’s sixteen degrees below zero.  I know. 


This is the Inspira Cowl by celerystalk.  Mine looks nothing like what I usually make.  Where’s the gray?  Where’s the neutral?  I don’t know what happened here.  It’s sort of a Cathedral Stained-Glass thing, or Sunset Over L.A., or Vegas Through Bars on Window.  (I suppose all this could be the cold medicine talking.)  I prefer to blame it on the fact that I chose the yarn after dark, and the lighting in my work room is not that great. 


But in spite of its Elvis-Painted-On-Velvet vibe, I am still madly in love with it.  I can take no credit for the amazing color washes; that is all the magic of Noro.  This is Silk Garden 258 and 276, and the dark mullions between the peeks of color are Cascade 220, color 9413, which is a marled black/olive green.  (Why did I even have a marled black/green yarn in the stash?  I confess, I don’t know.  Thank goodness this pattern came along so it would be useful for something around here.) 


Inspira is a free pattern, but it’s really more a recipe than a pattern, which is fine with me.  It’s just a corrugated rib, done in staggered sections, and best shown in a yarn with long color repeats, especially two different color-repeating yarns.  Simple, and spectacular. 


Ugh, I can’t even talk without coughing.  Winter is so much fun.