Thursday, January 17, 2013



Netflix is a wonderful thing.  We found this show recently, and I was both grossed out and also completely fascinated by the full-on weirdness.  I watched every episode in two days.  People are so interesting.  It put me in mind of crafting up a little fake taxidermy.

Materials:  moss, sticks, rocks, glass candle tray, tiny lime-green pretend bird, super glue, floral clay, glass dome.   These rocks came from--you’re going to love this—IKEA.  You can buy rocks at IKEA.  Hey, what if it’s winter and all the free rocks are under three feet of snow and you want to make something out of rocks?  It happens


I stuck a gob of clay to the glass tray and then arranged the rocks on it/in it.  I tucked the moss—gathered from the cracks in in the brick patio; happily, the snow had melted, so I didn’t have to get the moss from IKEA, I see you laughing at me—in between the rocks in a naturalistic/crafty sort of way, and laid a couple sticks up there too, so the pretend bird [from the sale bin at Michael’s] would have some firewood, I guess, I don’t know.  It seemed to need sticks.  Then I super-glued the fake bird’s plastic feet to one of the rocks. 


I just love stuff like this.  Nature, but slightly weird, a little creepy.  Have you seen Mister Finch?  So great, I’m in love. 

As soon as the glass dome went over the whole thing, I remembered this, too.  Inspiration is everywhere. 



  1. That's just brilliant, Kristen! I love it!!!

  2. How cute! I love that the little bird is so bright!! xoxo, Jess

  3. I love it too! What a great idea and I love how it all looks put together. I am intrigued by stuffed animals. I think it's just because I love animals and I'll get a look at them any which way I can. As a vegetarian though, I have to pretend that they died of natural causes. Anyway, stuff in museums has been dead years so I can't save them if it's otherwise. So, I take a sneaky peak and am fascinated.

    I always wonder if the police will arrest me these days if I pick up rocks or even twigs, so at least Ikea selling these things means I don't have to worry any more.

  4. You Are so cool Love it.

  5. Well Kristen...You hooked me lol!!! I couldn't read fast enough to see what the heck you were up to now. I thought you had broccoli and mashed potatoes under that bird ROTF!!!!
    I said to myself, "What can she possibly create with that?" I better get an appointment with the eye doctor huh? :) Well, let me get up off the floor now and say....It's so, so cute! Another lovely little treasure you are so good at creating. It's so much fun to visit your blog! Thank You!
    penny x

    1. Mashed potato crafts are next, I! :D

  6. We've been watching "Oddities" too! I'm so glad to hear about somebody else watching it because everyone I've mentioned it looks at me like I'm crazy. We don't have cable so we missed it when it must have been on TV. Gosh, I love Netflix. I can't believe all the good stuff they're putting on there lately.

    I think your fake taxidermy is really cool. I would enjoy making something like that too.

  7. so cute! i visited oddities one time when they were filming, i told my daughter we HAVE to go in, and i was describing the show, how unusual... she laughed, mom! this is nyc!

  8. We love Netflix, too. Where else can you find 183 episodes of Dr. Who at your fingertips?

  9. Wow - I love this! I'm putting it on my 'must make some time soon' list x

  10. Ah, you're just brilliant.
    LOVE this.

  11. At first I thought it was vegetable based - potatoes on the bottom, kale vegetation and a highly fashioned cabbage bird - but would be silly wouldn't it!! I think it is great.