Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stripes, Wool, and I Finally Learn Something Everyone Else Already Knows



See, this is my idea of a good time.  Endless stripes, in every color. 


No thinking required.  Well, not much anyway.  I choose the next five, ten, twenty colors, line them up in order, and just go on autopilot.  I read for awhile, then turn off all the lights and watch Harry Potter movies again, then maybe I lie on my bed and listen to podcasts, all the time knitting knitting knitting.  Nothing to it.  Just the calming clicking and slow, gentle, colorful progress. 


I’m helplessly whittling away at the stash.  Helpless because I look at the stash and I can’t help knitting something with it, all of it, all at once.  This project will probably take me awhile. I hope. I keep trying to cultivate a long-term project, with limited success so far. Fingers crossed.

It is snowing again.  Time to snuggle up.  I made a nest of blankets and island travel magazines and projects-in-progress, and I made a pot of chamomile tea and put it on the breakfast-in-bed tray that I am so glad I bought even though I was sure at the time that I’d never use it.


Hey, dumb rhetorical question: did you guys know that a wooly tea cozy will actually, literally, keep your tea from getting cold?  For, like, two hours???  Where have I been?  Drinking coffee is where, and I am not saying I’m a convert or anything, but listen, I did not, not until I actually tried it, truly believe a tea cozy would make that much difference.  I thought, you know, they look cute and stuff, but I thought the tea would still pretty much get cold before I could drink a whole pot.  Wrong!  I’m stunned.  Hot tea, still, two hours later.  Wool is amazing.  What else have I missed?