Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goings On


So cold here.  I walk a lot these days, and I love that thing that happens to the inside of my face after a walk in the bitter cold; you know what I mean?  After you’ve been out in it, and you come indoors where it’s warm and you just feel your nose shrinking, like your face is very gently shriveling up?  I love that.  That’s how you know you’ve earned a hot chocolate. 

I made the best soup the other day, from no recipe; just throwing things into the pot, with yellow peas and onions and carrots and a good homemade broth from the freezer and a big slab of gorgeous ham, smothered in fat.  Salt, pepper, olive oil.  Garlic.  Curry powder.  Vinegar.  I don’t remember what else.  Soup is always sort of a one-of-a-kind experience with me.  It’s always pretty good though.  I have soup mostly figured out. 

I have so many projects in progress right now, including three (!) new pairs of socks all started on the same day, but all I feel like working on today is the big striped thing.  Stripes.  They’re the best.  The big striped thing is halfway done now. 

I’ve been reading Kaffe Fassett’s book Dreaming in Color, and ohmygoodness, I am so inspired.  I’ve been loving Kaffe since the ‘90s, when I came upon him in this book, and then went fully mad for fabric.  He’s one of those people I just wish I could know.