Friday, March 22, 2013

Starting something, and a giveaway


I was leafing through old issues of Vogue Knitting magazine this morning, and in Winter 2011/2012, one of the designs suddenly grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.   The Zigzag Skirt (oh my goodness, a knitted skirt.  Thank goodness for Spanx) in a striped (who, me?) chevron design, which is (Leda, are you listening?) reminiscent of Missoni.  Not too short (whew) with very little shaping (hmmm…) and a two row repeat.  Yes, please!  I shoved the other projects in progress to one side and started rummaging for yarns.  Oh, that first blush of a new project, how I love it.  Will I wear a striped knitted skirt?  I’d say that’s about a 50/50 right now.  Will I knit a striped skirt?  Oh yes, I sure will, with pleasure.  I must admit, I’m getting a little antsy to make something else, something non-yarny, maybe something with fabric that isn’t curtains (oh, right, I forgot to tell you, I’ve been making curtains.  They’re white.  They’re too boring to show you.)  But knitting is endlessly interesting to me, what can I say?

I was asked recently to review a new magazine called Knit & Stitch, which looks like it will be published weekly in the UK (weekly!  You lucky people) and which it appears will come with yarn and needles and hooks included, which is like getting a new kit in the mail, and which I think is pretty nifty.  It isn’t a magazine in the usual sense, but a series of pages you can collect as you please, building a personal pattern library.  In the first issue, you learn to knit.  That’s right, you learn to knit, and, well, as you know, I already know how to knit.  You guys are always telling me you wish you could knit—well, here you go! 


If you’d like to have a small set of beginner patterns, a pair of knitting needles, a skein of Bergere de France Barisienne yarn and an instructional DVD to help you get started, please leave a comment here and I’ll draw a name at random next Friday, March 29.