Monday, April 1, 2013

Chevron Knit Skirt


I work at resisting the urge to make some self-deprecating remark or other about my general sagginess, which I realize I do in self-defense, just in case somebody out there is thinking it.  I won’t do that this time.  *struggle*  Hey, look at the skirt I made! 


I told my friends I was knitting a skirt.  Eyebrows shot up all around the room, and glances were exchanged.  I know they were imagining the worst.  Threats of a drooping backside loomed ominously.  Images of shuffling matrons in brown orthopedic lace-up shoes leapt to mind.  I tried my best to be optimistic.

“It will be striped,” I said.

“Gaaahh!” they said.

“In a zig-zag pattern,”  I said.

“Well, there’s always Halloween,” they said. 


I tried (really!) to shorten this so my knees would show over the boots, and I left out a whole bunch of pattern rows, and measured repeatedly, both the knitting and my actual self, but apparently this is the length the skirt wants to be.  I think it’s a little too long. 


I’m getting to be that age where I either have to commit to eating nothing but leaves and twigs, or else get comfortable with a little spreading out around the middle.  The second option means I can still have pie, so you can guess which one I’m choosing.  (Was that self-deprecating?  Yargh!)


It’s a striped knit skirt, a little too long.  I like it.  I think. I’m ambivalent.  The pattern is here, and I made the XS (so hilarious; I am definitely not XS, but that’s Vogue’s sizing, so whatever), using worsted weight scraps, mostly Ella Rae Classic and Patons Classic, modified slightly by eliminating several pattern rows, and good thing too, or this thing would’ve been dragging on the floor.  I also made a twisted-cord tie for the waist, rather than using elastic. 


I am not the least bit ambivalent about the snowdrops.  Lovely, delicate surprises, poking their cheerful heads through the dry, dead grass.  The landscape is so brown here.  It is mud season in New York, and things will be brown for awhile.